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Who Benefited from Obamacare? Not You.


There has been much debate over the so-called, Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act known as Obamacare.  Most people who receive health care coverage from their employers, probably don’t notice much of a difference between the health care plans they enjoyed prior to 2014 and the plans they have today¾at least in terms of the cost.  But look closely at changes to the covered benefit amounts, deductibles and co-pay amounts and the differences are stark.

Americans were sold a pig-in-a-poke with Obamacare.  The Affordable Care Act (A.F.A.) is many things, but affordable is not one of them.  Since the A.F.A. went into effect in 2013, most people report paying 300% to 400% more for health care coverage than they did before the federal takeover.  The situation is made worse by the fact that the coverage that individuals now receive from the Health Care Marketplace in not health care coverage at all but rather, catastrophic coverage.  With the many changes, government bureaucrats are now making decision about the life and death issues associated with the care people receive.

Beginning in 2009, the American people were deceived by Congressmen, Senators, the White House and the national media about the cost and the quality impact that the federal government takeover of the nation’s healthcare system would inflict upon individuals and families.  Many politicians told us, “If you like your current plan, you can keep it.”  But we now know all too well that was a lie.  In fact, Democrats in Congress including then-Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi said, “We have to pass the bill before we can find out what’s in it.”  Since the A.F.A. is 1200 pages in length, it’s a foregone conclusion that many Congressmen and women cast their votes on the bill from a position of woeful ignorance.

In 2009, we were told that 40 million Americans were without health care coverage.  This was the “crisis” that purportedly necessitated the federal government response.  As of this day, according to the Congressional Budget Office, 41 million Americans do not have health care insurance of any kind.  We were told that the single-payer system would encourage competition which would keep prices from continuing to escalate.  But anyone who has ever worked for or with the federal government knows that it does very few things well or efficiently.  The truth is that competition is now nearly non-existent since the government is dictating what types of care will be funded, for whom, and to what extent.

For many people, the inclusion of abortion services was a major and unacceptable condition of the A.F.A. and even 19 Congressional Democrats opposed the A.F.A. for this reason.  We were told that those who oppose abortion would not be forced to pay for these services, but that, too, was a lie.  Many others were troubled by what they call “Death Panels”¾groups of bureaucrats that would make life and death decisions about covered procedures.  These people are not elected neither are they accountable to the public or anyone else.

The nation’s media were at best duped by the Obama administration and Congress, and at worst, complicit in deceiving the American people.  Obamacare is essentially the GEICO approach to healthcare coverage.  GEICO and other auto insurers claim to save you money on your auto insurance, but only if you accept your state’s minimum legal coverage.  It’s a fitting analogy since GEICO stands for Government Employees Insurance Company.  A single type of auto policy is not best for every auto owner, just as one healthcare plan is not suitable for every patient.

Obamacare is, by far, the greatest public fraud ever perpetrated upon the American people.  Despite overwhelming opposition to it’s passage, we are now stuck with this costly substandard government-run monstrosity.  Government employees are now making decisions about your heath care and that of your parents and children.  You are required to submit documentation equivalent to that of an income tax return in order to receive a government “subsidy” which may make your premiums “affordable” although the coverage you get is far inferior to the coverage you had prior to 2013.

By any objective standard, Obamacare has been a dismal failure and a reckless piece of freedom-stealing legislation.  It was passed by Democrat politicians along solidly partisan lines.  It was never about providing “affordable health care coverage.”  It was always about stripping the American people of their right to make their own decisions about the most personal matters in their lives.  In 2010, Michigan Democrat Congressman, John Dingle was asked why Obamacare would not be implemented until 2014.  He said, “It will take that long to control the people.”

At a campaign event in Ohio on Sunday, March 13th, Theresa O’Donnell complained to Democrat presidential candidate, Hillary Clinton that her heath care costs have doubled under Obamacare, from nearly $6000 per year to over $12,000.  Ms. O’Donnell asked Mrs. Clinton if Democrats realize how difficult it’s been on working-class Americans to pay for Obamacare.  Mrs. Clinton’s callous advice was to: shop around, elect her and encourage non-profit companies to compete in the Health Care Marketplace.  When thousands of people have the same experience with the Health Care Exchange, it ceases to be anecdotal evidence of failure.

In the mid-1990s Mrs. Clinton’s husband, former president, Bill Clinton, supported the deregulation of the telecommunications industry stating that the move would encourage competition which would, in turn, keep costs low.  That is still the key to keeping health care costs low, but providing low-cost healthcare was never the objective.

During a press conference in his second term, former president, Bill Clinton was asked why Americans could not have a tax-cut.  His response was, “Well, we could give you the money, but you might not spend it right.”  This demonstrates the utter contempt and lack of respect Democrat politicians have for the freedom and choices that the American people make for themselves.

Obamacare must be ended¾it cannot be mended. 

All of this illustrates that the Affordable Care Act was designed for the express purpose of keeping Democrat politicians in office in perpetuity by providing them a way to control people.  Obamacare must be ended¾it cannot be mended.  The federal government has no legitimate authority to dictate such personal and private decisions as those relating to their medical care.  But demanding that Congress repeal this unjust and tyrannical intervention into the affairs of individuals will require the citizens of this nation to accept nothing less than full and unconditional repeal of the unaffordable “Affordable Care Act.

As Dr. Alan Keyes has often stated, “Once we accept that our rights come from government, then we accept that government has the authority to take them away.”  In America, we profess that our rights come from the Creator God, and not from government.  If we honestly believe that, then we have a moral obligation to evict the federal government from every area of our lives in which it does not belong.  We have a moral obligation to ensure that Obamacare is repealed.

The Democrat media machine will do its best to misinform, mislead and distort the facts to the American people.  Judging from the past seven years, reversing the ignorance of the public will require overcoming an enormous mountain of resistance within and without.  It will require educating Millennials that government has no money apart from what it squeezes out of the taxpayer, and that superfluous service  the  government provides comes at a heavy price in terms of personal freedom.  But surrendering our health care decisions, and by them, our very lives and those of family members to the dictates of Washington politicians and lobbyists means giving up our first and most basic freedom¾the right to life.


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