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Yes, We Need the Pastor Protection Act


Texas has it, and now Florida – the Pastor Protection Act — whose purpose is to prevent the state from forcing clergy and churches to perform homosexual parodies of marriage.

All 50 states ought to have it, and the sooner, the better.

Opponents of the bill–would it surprise you to hear they’re all Democrats?–say they don’t need such a bill, the First Amendment already gives churches and ministers all the protection they need, no way any state is gonna force them to do gay marriages…

Uh… Really, how could they be so ignorant?

In 2007 the state of New Jersey punished the Methodist church in the town of Ocean Grove for not allowing a church-owned facility to be used for a lesbian parody of a wedding. In 2012 a “judge” upheld the state’s action.

So, please, don’t anybody fall into the error of thinking the Constitution will protect us and our churches, because obviously it won’t. The Constitution only means what five Supreme Court justices say it does from day to day: the protection you have on Wednesday may not exist on Thursday.

Oh! And another opponent of the Act argued, “What would Jesus do?”, as if Jesus Christ, the Son of God, who proclaimed “I come to fulfill the law,” would set aside God the Father’s words and blithely perform unholy parodies of “marriage” of men with men, women with women. So we are treated to blasphemy on top of idiocy.

Helpful hint to our leaders, our – ahem! – thinkers, our movers and shakers.

We are getting awfully, terribly, unendurably sick and tired of all this, and we are truly, hotly, deeply mad at you. We want to live our lives in peace, just minding our own business, but you keep meddling, poking, taxing, and imposing your fundamental transformation of our country on us–and we have had just about enough of it.


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