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The North American Wing of ISIS


It’s absolutely horrific, when running across a piece on the abuses being suffered by Christians in the Middle East.

Especially when it’s directed towards the children.

Honestly, the titles alone are enough to make one wince. But watching the atrocities being committed (by way of social media) compliments the crime on another level altogether.

Although many disagree with me, I am convinced that videos of Christians suffering such devilry need to be released. People need to be shaken out of their apathy, their cocoons and Christians out of their ‘Christianese’ subcultures.

Immune to Empathy

It seems nothing bothers or moves people much like the video of a child being cruelly snuffed out by such devil-possessed skin bags like the ISIS militant.

Unbelievably, coming to people with only verbal reports of what is happening in The M.E. doesn’t even interrupt the average Joe’s sips of overpriced coffee. With less than even a look of partial grief, they agree it’s horrible and then move onto the financial shape their RRSPs are in.

But really, should we be surprised?

Again, the lukewarm lead us

Over the weekend, I was asked what I thought about the future of the Christian church. I couldn’t help but agree with what Francis Chan had stated, that the North American church is mostly populated by the “Lukewarm” and therefore not visited by followers of Jesus, but by mostly fans at best. It’s my thought (along with many other followers) that The Church will eventually split. The real believers will go underground and the fans of Jesus will continue being part of a religious system policed by leftist governments and post modernists.

Thankfully, they were in agreement. But I’ll be frank, when presented with such an opinion, most respond with a roll of the eyes.

And as they rebeliously oppose the written Word of God (because the thought of the masses of lukewarm is actually acquiesced in the Bible), they too expose their own ‘lukewarmness’.

And so, soaking in the stew of their lukewarm lives (which most often presents itself as apathy towards anything that is not of self-benefit), people allow gay marriage, abortion, greed and pornography to become legally protected debaucheries. To say this is a spiritual battle is like saying Hillary lies just a little. This is a violent, global spiritual battle affecting every soul on this planet, in one way or another.

Same devil, different face

If able to stand at a distance from all the spiritual turmoil going on, the below statement may make sense to you:

“The atrocities of ISIS are wrought by the same evil that causes adultery, greed, abortion, lasciviousness or active homosexuality on American soil.”

Let me restate that:

“The atrocities of ISIS are wrought by the same evil that causes adultery, greed, abortion, lasciviousness or active homosexuality on American soil.”

In fact, I would argue, there are worse things being done in North America, than are being done in Iraq or Syria.

(Surely somewhere out there, someone just blew coffee out their nostrils in disbelief).

But it’s true folks.

Each of us, because of original sin nature, is broken and crooked. Don’t think so? What if I was to play your thoughts for the last week on the big-screen at church Sunday morning?

Point made.

“But!” you say “I am not taking part in genocide! I am fully against it! I even gave five bucks last Sunday to be sent to the downtrodden in Syria!”

(Blind, totally blind as a bat without it’s God given sonar capabilities).

In our own backyard

Under each of our very noses is a septic full of atrocities being acted out, and all we can be worried about is our own little dying patch of lawn.

News Flash!

Supporting Facebook posts with a “like” does nothing about the present state of this world. (I can just see the crushed little expressions).

Since Roe Verses Wade, we have had not genocide, but infanticide running free in our streets. The count is over 55 million little lives extinguished for the sake of “convenience”. Over 55 million!

That in itself trumps every bully on the block.

And it’s legal.

It’s actually protested for by the lefties.

It’s a right to be able to kill your child.

Pro-Choicers aggressively roam through the streets like brightly colored goats, ramming their heads into anything in their way; demanding their right to kill babies. Renaming the baby “fetus”, in order to whitewash the fact it is a tiny little child they mean to murder.

Yes folks, we have our own ISIS here.

Like Islam, we too have our approving and promoting clerics.

Completely American ISIS

We have thousands of Arman Chowdhurys dressed in white lab coats telling us that it is the responsible thing to kill innocent children that are not immediately wanted.

The truth is that same spirits that stir the rage of the Muslim against the Christian, have been already here in America for decades.

Yes, the same evil has been here wreaking havoc for years and years and years already. ISIS is just another wing of the same evil.

Just look at the ferocity that the Jihadists butcher men women and especially children with. I tell you, it’s the same spirit that robs children of life in the womb.

Just look at the methods of aborting babies today. Burning them out with saline, ripping their little limbs off, crushing their skulls and even harvesting their parts! Do you see the anger of The Enemy against God in this?

I wrote in another article previously that although it would be absolutely wonderful to have a sold out Christian in office, America didn’t deserve one. America still needs to get clean and repent for what they have allowed on American soil.

If the Bible is true (obviously I believe so), then God places leaders. So one may ask, why in the world would Jesus place Obama in office for not only one, but two terms? The answer is found all throughout the Old Testament. God brought nations to steal, pillage and plunder (two times stealing away the actual inhabitants) in horrific ways in order to encourage Israel to return to her first love (that being God).

Obama in all sense of the idea, is the pillaging nation brought upon us by God through people who have turned their hearts away from Jesus.

We still need to crush ISIS. But along with ISIS, America needs to destroy its devils living protected within its own borders. Till it does, we can expect turmoil to pull the strings of politics and an unending war upon the young of even future generations.

The answer for America is repentance.


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