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transgender bathroom

Gender Anarchists and Their Bathroom Battles


The movement to extract authentic gender identity from our children reminds me of the appalling Philip Pullman fiction series, also marketed to children.

Remember the movie “The Golden Compass,” based on the first Pullman book? It’s a chilling pagan fantasy tale with a worldview hostile to Christ.

The storyline centers around preadolescents Lyra and Will, neglected byproducts of parental mistakes and sin. They discover a plot to sever children from their natural “daemon” companions, which, in this fable, represent a person’s soul.

Yes, it’s just as spiritually dark as it sounds. These animal “familiars” attach to each child by puberty, supposedly reflecting the human’s innate personality and spirit, including the human tendency to defy God. Here, that’s a positive attribute.

In other words, in Pullman’s storylines, smashing the Judeo-Christian norms of civilized society is a good thing. Evil religious leaders are behind the novel’s scheme to eradicate the “souls” of children.

Lyra and Will locate children subjected to secret experiments, who seem vacant and zombie-like after detachment from their necessary “daemons.” The lesson is that religion wants to deprive people of happiness.

But switch the intentions around in this tale, with evil leftists as the power-brokers looking to separate children from something essential, and we get an accurate picture of how “LGBT” activists aim to sever American children from their God-designed, biological genders.

The Human Rights Campaign, the ACLU and the National Education Association want schools to become “gender expansive.” These deviants are sucking the life out of young humans, persuading them to embrace delusions and become surgically mutilated at the earliest opportunity.

If we don’t give the gender destroyers what they want, we are told young people will kill themselves – and it’s our fault. Communities are manipulated into policies that do irrevocable harm to youth.

But transgenderism is a form of mental illness. Do these males merely want to use the restroom? We are right to be wary. An excellent, detailed YouTube video now documents many cases of cross-dressing men convicted on sexual assault charges.

Still, the “bathroom” bills keep coming, and public response is mixed. California lawmakers want to open up restrooms to everyone through AB 1732, using “all-gender” signs to further erode the idea of male/female distinctions.

The state is far down the slide of sexual depravity, even to the point of opening a public urinal station taxpayers are funding in San Francisco. The reason? To prevent public urination. But this is public urination, you may be thinking. Yes, but now the city is owning it, I guess.

And in New York City, Mayor Bill de Blasio just issued an executive order allowing “transgendered” people into city restrooms, parks, playgrounds, pools, etc.

Radicals take the wrecking ball to everything, including human design. But it’s not simply a fight against gender distinctions. It’s a fight against modesty and decency, and the presumption that these are unnecessary is the basis of the pressure to open school restrooms and showers to both sexes. Remember, many of these folks parade half-nude in “pride” parades.

The good news is that some parents and even students are saying, “No!”

God bless those communities like Houston last fall and now Jacksonville, Florida, which just rejected a so-called “human rights” bill. Brevard County, Florida, schools also turned down a so-called “non-discrimination” bill that included “sexual orientation” and “gender identity.”

One orthodox priest who testified against the bill said, tellingly, “This is not San Francisco, folks.” Another man said, “Do we want delusional people of the opposite sex in our restrooms? No!”

Yet the radicals prevail in other communities. In Charlotte, the fight over a narrowly passed “transgender” bill was led by a convicted sex offender, a fact shrugged off by local “LGBT” activists and ignored by the major newspaper.

And in South Dakota, the legislature passed the first state bill mandating use of restrooms based on biology, but Republican Gov. Dennis Daugaard vetoed it. “LGBT” activists are taking credit for that veto.

Bellevue, Nebraska, is buying this nonsense. The school board there just passed a gender destruction measure, aimed at undermining the sanity and security of impressionable children.

The ACLU, HRC and the National Education Association joined in a policy paper because they’re concerned about “specific issues affecting transgender youth, including the use of chosen names and pronouns, student confidentiality and student records, restroom and locker room access, sports and other sex-separated activities and harassment or bullying.”

But there’s an easy solution: Require that all children dress, act and use private facilities consistent with their actual biological gender, period. Troubled kids deserve counseling, not teachers and parents who indulge tragic experiments.

The ACLU and NEA recommend that schools ally with the student if needed against the parents:

“In some cases a child’s gender-expansive behavior or desire to transition can initially surface at school. …

“Any decision to raise the topic with parents must be made very carefully and in consultation with the student. In some instances, a school may choose not to bring the subject up if there is a concern that parents or caregivers may react negatively. …Privacy and confidentiality are critically important for transgender students who do not have supportive families.”(Emphasis added)

So schools will secretly encourage vulnerable students in life-altering behavior? Some students may ironically have just completed indoctrination programs like the “Genderbread Person” lessons. These children may also have spent hours on the school Internet – unknown to parents – digesting one-sided, inaccurate homosexuality and gender-confusion propaganda.

This ACLU policy paper recommends that students uncomfortable using restrooms with a “transgender” boy or girl use another facility. The gender-confused student should NEVER be asked to use another restroom or shower.

Sadly, this young person will be discarded on the trash heap of “LGBT” expediency and by age 30 will be a long-forgotten emotional and physical wreck.

It’s time for the hearts of fathers to turn back to their children, and the votes of concerned parents to eject leftist school officials and politicians.



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