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What If My Mom Had Aborted Me?


I was born with a serious calcium deficiency that today could’ve prompted a mother to consider abortion. Pictures of my infancy reveal a sickly child looking like death warmed over.

There were no sonograms back then revealing a child’s in utero compartment of comfort. There was, though, an almost universal respect for the sanctity of life and my mom, being a staunch Catholic, would never have considered terminating my life.

In a different time and with a different parent, I easily could’ve been aborted – never seen the light of day. All the lives I’ve had the privilege of influencing over 44 years of ministry would never have been touched; let alone the lives of my four children and soon to be 7 grandchildren and their descendants! One son has three children (soon four!), graduated from Harvard and served a Governor and U.S Senator. Our daughter is ministering in Iceland right now. Another son is a pastor in the process of adopting their third child. It’s a Wonderful Life.

God spared me and I’m passionate about seeking justice for the most defenseless, innocent lives facing destruction. God tells us, “Speak for those who cannot speak; seek justice for all those on the verge of destruction” (Prov. 31:8).

Recently I heard Evangelist James Robison tell a similar story to 1500 people at Liberty Counsel’s Awakening conference in Orlando, Florida. He told us in transparency that he was the product of rape and that his mother was going for an abortion when a doctor intervened. That man’s compassionate appeal saved his life.

I told stories like this and more in my new book Bullseye. Commentary like this comes from that book. I’ve even prepared a three minute video on this subject you can watch here. Leaders nationwide are trying to start a movement by giving Christians the resources they need. You can learn more at to get started. You can and will become an informed influencer making a difference in today’s confused culture!

We Must Awake to the Insanity

We’ve now crossed the 58 million mark for aborted babies in America. Hitler exterminated 6 million Jews. Unless there’s a turnaround soon, we will have exterminated 10 times that number with aborted babies.

Look How Far and Fast We’ve Fallen

* Georgetown University, the oldest Catholic university in America, is hosting the president of Planned Parenthood to speak in April. The head of the nation’s largest provider of abortions, who brazenly declared, “Shout your abortion!” will propagandize at this Jesuit institution. This is unbelievable! For years I co-led a weekly gathering of hundreds of Christians on that very campus.

Last month Ms. Richards said February 10 was “National Day of Appreciation for Abortion” and asked people to “join me in saying thank you” to those performing abortions. Previously asked when life begins, she replied, “I don’t know that it’s really relevant to the conversation” (Fusion 2/27/14).

* To try and influence the Supreme Court considering a Texas law implementing common sense regulations on abortion clinics, actress Amy Brenneman joined a “friend of the court” brief and wrote an op-ed for “Cosmopolitan” magazine (2/29/16). She said dismissively, “I have never, not for one moment, regretted my abortion.”

Amy cavalierly spoke about her “absolutely uneventful” abortion as a “necessary component of responsible family planning.” She said women must be able to “choose their destiny.”

Precious, pre-born girls can’t choose their destiny if life is terminated by abortion.

Consider the disconnect as people refuse to recognize life in the womb alongside of irrefutable reality.

* People openly celebrate a “baby bump” and inquire, “When’s the baby due?”

* Pick up “People” magazine and see a regular feature “Baby News.” Readers rejoice with celebrity couples expecting their “second daughter” or soon-coming “baby boy.” Currently there’s a story in the publication entitled “Whose Babies are They?” depicting a surrogate mom expecting triplets.

* In the movie, “London Has Fallen” now in theaters, Gerard Butler talks to the unborn baby in his wife’s womb and she does likewise in a touching scene shared by the couple.

* Pictures are splashed across newspapers and magazines of Michael Phelps and his girlfriend (not married) but beaming with excitement as they gush about their expected “baby boy.”

Are millions so blinded and heartless in our nation that we’ve lost almost all sense of moral discernment? What is so obvious about a “baby on board” somehow seems indiscernible.

Here’s the Deal

Secular forces are ever so aggressive in seducing masses with their viewpoint that we are on a slippery slope in danger of being overtaken by massive deception.

The good news is that God is intervening! 30,000 leaders are preparing to assemble in Washington, DC for United Cry on April 9 and a similar solemn assembly is taking place in California the same day. And in response to our humility, our merciful God is giving us resources and solutions to see things turned around.

To counter the avalanche of satanic delusion in our culture senior leaders in America are calling people to become informed influencers as salt and light. But we must be prepared to winsomely and accurately address issues like abortion and other hot button topics to rescue people before it’s too late.

America’s greatest need is a spiritual awakening! And to foster this awakening, leaders like Jack Hayford, RT Kendall, Steve Strang, Rick Joyner, Bill Johnson, Michael W. Smith, Che Ahn, James Goll, Michael Brown, Jennifer Leclaire, Bob Weiner, George Grant and others are calling for Christians everywhere to take the innovative Bullseye Challenge! In April, one Nashville church is doing this initiative together as a congregation.

Motivation gets you started but habit keeps you going! So we are challenging God’s people to develop a holy habit of investing 15 minutes for 30 days to understand and then speak confidently, winsomely and biblically when engaging people on abortion, Islam, LGBT agenda,  immigration, physician-assisted suicide, marijuana, gay marriage, living together, sex trafficking, transgenderism, social justice and more.

Here’s the simple three-step plan:

1. REVIEW a free video – 3 min.

2. READ a commentary – 10 min.

3. REFLECT and pray – 2 min.

Go to to get started.

The 30 videos are there for you to begin immediately. Order the book on and launch your journey. You can and will become an informed influencer making a difference in today’s confused culture!

Since the theme of this commentary was abortion and the sanctity of life, simply sample click on Bullseye Challenge Day 24 Abortion and watch for 3 minutes and be changed. Make a quality decision to take the Bullseye Challenge! Then go help reach others through the Gospel and unchanging truth that sets people free!

God spared me for a purpose. It also applies to you! Hit the mark with the Bullseye Challenge.


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