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Viral Video Highlights Terror of Child Brides Before Wedding

More than 5 million people have already watched a UNICEF video on child brides, released for International Women’s Day.

The video underscores the terror of child brides by slowly revealing that the bride getting ready for her wedding is in fact a young girl.

CBN’s George Thomas recently reported on the disturbing trend in India. A new report released by UNICEF shows that the child marriage rate is highest in South Asia where nearly half of all girls marry before age 18.

Watch George Thomas’s report.

One in six marry or are in an informal union by age 15. The practice is also common in Africa and the Middle East.

UNICEF forecasts that the number of girls and women married as brides will reach nearly 1 billion by 2030 if current trends continue. Research shows that girls who are married as children are more likely to not attend school, suffer domestic violence, and die from complications in child birth and pregnancy.

Watch the viral vdeo by UNICEF below

In response to the crisis, UNICEF is launching a multi-country program to end child marriage. It will focus on increasing access to education and health care, increasing economic support to families and strengthening laws that establish the minimum age of marriage as 18.

The program will target 12 countries in Africa, Asia, and the Middle East where the child marriage rates are high.

Report via CBN News 


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