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GOP Throws its Wait around on SCOTUS


The White House may be interviewing possible Supreme Court nominees — but Republicans have no plans of following suit! Despite an almost daily tongue-lashing on the floor of the U.S. Senate, GOP leaders are sticking to their guns to postpone Justice Antonin Scalia’s replacement until after the election — to the delight, it turns out, of most Americans. Apparently, Democrats are the only ones who don’t want to follow their own advice and hold off on confirmation hearings.

Unlike the Left, which seems intent on ramming a nominee through the process in the twilight of Obama’s term, most people would prefer to take their time on the seat and entrust the decision to the next president. Based on internal polling, they found that their position isn’t just principled but popular. “The survey found almost unanimous awareness of the death of Justice Scalia, strong support for Originalist intent interpreting the Constitution and concern over President Obama appointing a liberal justice who would tip the ideological balance of the court. Amazingly, 54 percent of people surveyed “were more concerned about a liberal justice being chosen to replace Scalia, compared to the nearly 41 percent of respondents who were more worried about the seat being open for a year or more.”

That’s a big gap — big enough to give Republicans the confidence they need to hold their ground. Obviously, the American people share their concerns that Obama’s only interest in filling the seat is finding a lifetime surrogate on the Court.

“It’s absolutely clear to me that Senate Republicans stand firmly behind the idea that the people should have a say in this critical issue… when they vote in November,” Senator John Cornyn (R-Texas) told his Democratic colleagues, “because [a lot of things] are at stake here.” And the future of our country is one of them.


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