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How Can So Many ‘Uninformed’ ‘Stupid People’ Rise Up and Vote Insurgent


It is truly an inspired miracle how many uninformed – low information Americans can rise up in state after state and register support in poll after poll for Donald Trump. Think of it. Us stupid people who care less about the facts or truth are lining up in insurgent fashion and planning to take back our country. It is amazing what millions of dumb people can get accomplished so far.

According to Ted Cruz and others freaked out about Trump, we are uninformed who dare to support him.  Cruz can use whatever insult words – waxed with lawyer like covering, but the translation is this: He is calling Trump supporters stupid people who must be all but morons to support someone other than Cruz, the self anointed one.

The ‘intelligent and informed class’ most politicians, Representatives, Senators and big fancy media people have long held the power. What have we seen but the wreckage of America and freedom.

I am proud that Ted Cruz stood up and held the filibuster line in the Senate. He has done some great and courageous things now and then. What happened to his ‘scripture quoting’ ethics and high ground when Ted willfully hurt Dr. Ben Carson and stood with the bogus CNN article which said Ben had dropped out of the race in the early and important state of Iowa? Rather than be the high ground lawyer and Senator we are assured he is and vet the story, he swooped in and also started reporting that Carson had dropped out – then went after his voter base. He knew he had done wrong, we were fed his waxy apology which was too little and too late. Ted quoted more scripture.

America has seen what the ‘fancy informed’ politicians and leaders can do – nothing but protect their turf, power and insiders. America has seen the positioned and conservative sounding talk and heard the scripture quoting. We have finally gotten to the point with the insults and betrayals where the masses would rather see anyone but a politician run for President. Enter Donald Trump.

Cruz and Rubio may have thought they were building their political career as Senators to run for President, but they were wrong. Now, if anything it is more of a detriment because we have had it and the insurgent class is about to take back the country – perhaps with wild card and uncontrollable, non-politician Trump. We shall see.

Here is an ‘uninformed – stupid people’ news flash. “We are no longer planning to just ‘go to hell’  ‘see our therapist’ ‘get out of the way’ and ‘disappear.’ Most of us see that Trump is far from perfect and Rubio and Cruz are sure not perfect either. However, he does reflect the rage of the people, offers plans to fix taxation, immigration, foreign policy and job creation that will get our country back on top. Trump brings belief, passion, talent, loyalty and a newer and fresh’ spiritual faith. He loves our country. He already has the power, wealth and prestige that others seek.

Written by uninformed, stupid, small fry supporter of Trump – Laurie Roth Ph.D., survivor, national radio talk show host of 16 years, regularly published commentator of 16 years, entrepreneur, Licensed therapist, dreamer, Mom, wife and dreamer.

There are a lot of other dumb people like me who are praying for Trump and behind him and what he represents.  Let stupid people rule and take back our country.


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