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Is Kasich Really the ‘Adult’ on X-Rated GOP Stage?


As Donald Trump and Marco Rubio traded jabs about male genitalia, my Ohio governor, John Kasich claimed he was above it all.

Kasich said at the Detroit debate, “People say, everywhere I go, you seem to be the adult on stage.”

But there’s a problem. The adult John Kasich may have hoisted himself on his own petard with the help of the Ohio Republican Party.

Come the Tuesday, March 15, Ohio primary, Kasich’s main role may be reduced to that of “spoiler.”

At least that’s the thinking in a few Ohio circles: Vote for Kasich, even with all his flaws (and there are plenty), or else Trump will win Ohio and its 66 winner-take-all delegates.

Ohio primary voters on March 15, as well as those in Florida, should take heed: We have far better election alternatives than Donald Trump, Kasich, or even Rubio. Ted Cruz, for instance.

The clear adult on the Detroit debate stage was statesman Ted Cruz, who succinctly covered critical policy points while humorously managing Donald Trump’s attempted jabs. The only reason Kasich escapes debate bedlam is because the other candidates don’t take him seriously.

Donald Trump was definitely not the grownup on stage. The evidence continues to mount for his unsuitability as our president.

Among Trump’s serious flaws are his immature bullying; policy cluelessness; and an unrepentant, sexually liberal track record. Another horror for concerned parents was just revealed: The Trump Foundation supports GLSEN, the Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network. Trump donated $20,000 to GLSEN in 2012.

I have written extensively about GLSEN’s push for school “LGBT” propaganda and early sexual activity among children. GLSEN also advocates gender confusion even for children as young as kindergarten. Here is one of my detailed reports on GLSEN.

In spite of my own personal “2016NoTrump” campaign, I can’t go along with voting for Kasich. How many ways can we say “back-stabbing RINO”?

Kasich claims to be a unifier, but it’s not true. The policies of the Kasich administration in conjunction with the Ohio GOP and Ohio Right to Life have worked together to badly fracture the pro-life movement in this state. Here’s the short version.

There was a piece of legislation called the Heartbeat Bill, HB 125, which twice passed the Ohio House but stalled in the Ohio Senate without a vote. It would outlaw abortions once a fetal heartbeat is detected, saving up to 20,000 unborn babies a year in Ohio.

Kasich opposed this bill. His buddies at Ohio Right to Life even lobbied behind the scenes against the bill.

Right to Life of Greater Cincinnati (founded by the late pro-life pioneer, Dr. John Willke), Cleveland Right to Life and many other county groups have since disaffiliated with Ohio Right to Life and joined a new state pro-life group, Ohio Pro-Life Action, formed by Dr. Willke and former ORTL leader Linda Theis.

Could a unifying, strongly pro-life governor have patched all this up by supporting the Heartbeat Bill?

Yes, but he didn’t. Kasich gave the cold shoulder to this excellent bill. Kasich has signed a few recent measures limiting abortion, but not the most effective one. Why?

Controversy. John Kasich had his eye on the presidency and wanted to maintain his RINO credentials. But the estimated 20,000 babies a year who would have been saved by the Heartbeat Bill might have another view on whether this was “adult” behavior by Kasich.

Let’s talk about Kasich’s pro-homosexual sympathies. Early in his administration, he issued an executive order banning Ohio government worker “discrimination” on sexual orientation.

That was bad enough, but his support for marriage has been totally lame. Kasich says he favors man/woman marriage, but since the Supreme Court ruled, believes we should all just “move on.” He moved on so far as to attend a friend’s “gay wedding.” Why would a faithful follower of Christ not heed the clear words of Jesus on this issue (Matthew 19 and Mark 10) and be cautious about public support for sin?

His Christian-hostile, pro-homosexual staff may be giving him stupid advice. Both Matt David (formerly with Young Conservatives for Freedom to Marry) and John Weaver are advocates of same-sex so-called marriage.

When Kasich figuratively smashed a wedding cake in the faces of Christian bakers by his insensitive remark that they should just go ahead and bake homosexual ceremony cakes, he revealed a heart not apparently touched by the Christian principles he frequently espouses.

In Detroit, Fox gave him a chance to recoup. (Ted Cruz never gets these softball questions.) So Kasich’s new “adult” position is that he would reluctantly support some kind of religious freedom law.

Great. So it’s high time Kasich signed on to support the First Amendment Defense Act. Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio have pledged to support this legislation.

Kasich has not.

Kasich also positions himself as a fiscal conservative, to the uproarious laughter of most Ohioans. Both Trump and Kasich support the lucrative Medicaid funding stream going to Planned Parenthood for all those wonderful non-abortion “services.” Kasich signed a bill in Ohio that purportedly defunds Planned Parenthood, but that’s not true. The state of Ohio will continue to generously reimburse the abortion giant for Medicaid services as it has to the tune of $17.2 million over the past five years.

And speaking of Medicaid, why did John “I-work-well-with-other-people” Kasich detour around state lawmakers to accept federal Medicaid money as a part of Obamacare funding? The Wall Street Journal said he was “abusing his executive power.”

Kasich claimed to back locally controlled education, and I’m sure I wasn’t the only one to start screaming. He accepted federal Common Core dollars even before the progressive, dumbed-down standards were available for review, and he seems to know little about them.

I ask Ohio: Do you want to support a trustworthy, consistently conservative adult on March 15? If so, please do not support Kasich or Donald Trump for president. Cruz is the clear choice.


First published at WND


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