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‘Christian Post’ Promotes ‘Transgenderism’ Days after Telling Christians Not to Vote for Trump


Christian Post editors published an editorial on Feb. 29 ripping into Donald Trump and urging evangelicals not to vote for the presidential candidate. Yet on March 8 the Christian Post published an article that promotes “transgenderism” and Bruce Jenner’s support for presidential candidate Ted Cruz.

The Christian Post editorial against Trump was entitled, “Donald Trump Is a Scam. Evangelical Voters Should Back Away.” And while it contains a handful of truths, it ultimately comes off as rather repugnant, relying heavily on left-wing talking points, phrases, and ideology.

Trump is a misogynist and philanderer. He demeans women and minorities. His preferred forms of communication are insults, obscenities and untruths.

The only part of those statements that is true is that Trump has had multiple wives and women in his past, not unlike many U.S. politicians.

The rest of the Christian Post editorial contains similar distortions and left-wing arguments and accusations.

But to make matters worse, only days after the Christian Post excoriated Trump and urged evangelicals not to vote for him, it published an article that promotes the truly wicked concept of “transgenderism,” and even makes it sound as if Bruce Jenner supporting Republican presidential candidate Ted Cruz is something Cruz and his supporters should embrace.

Mind you, the Christian Post published this propaganda at a time when advocates are legalizing putting men into women’s (and girls’) locker rooms and bathrooms. Jenner even recently helped pressure South Dakota’s governor into striking down legislation that would have protected women and girls.

Christian Post editors incorrectly accused Trump of not disavowing David Duke and the KKK. But they are correct when they write that the KKK “is an evil, unholy movement representing the worst of America.”

Regrettably, the Christian Post promoted the evil and unholy sacrament of “transgenderism,” which represents the worst of the autotheistic religion and mankind in general. Sodomy is never associated with anything other than the epitome of evil in the Bible and the failure of American Christian leaders to oppose it is beyond shameful.

None of what I have written will matter, of course. Even as conservative and Christian leaders whine that the American people are “immune to facts” regarding Trump, conservative and Christian leaders are immune to facts regarding evil.

I recently wrote a separate column noting how conservatives and Christians are celebrating Jenner supporting Cruz. And I wrote another column on how conservatives are promoting “conservative gay marriage advocates.” I knew then that Cruz, and conservative and Christian leaders wouldn’t repudiate Jenner or “conservative gay marriage advocates” even as they are morally and spiritually obligated to do so.

The same holds true today. I don’t expect the Christian Post to apologize for what it has done and I don’t expect Christian leaders to hold the organization or its leaders accountable.

Trump might not be acceptable to conservative and Christian leaders, but Bruce Jenner and “transgenderism” apparently are.

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