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Thousands of Muslims Embracing Christ in Syria

By Leah Marieann Klett

An unprecedented number of Muslims living in the war-torn country of Syria are embracing Christianity after experiencing the love of missionaries and witnessing miraculous healings in the name of Christ.

A ministry leader in Syria told the Christian Aid Mission that despite the dangers of remaining in the country, he and 21 others continue to faithfully serve predominantly Muslim communities, providing medical care, shelter, food, and spiritual guidance for those in need.

He shared how, for many families affected by the ongoing civil war, food is becoming increasingly scarce. However, a miracle occurred when one Syrian mother, who had come to Christ some time ago, prayed God would provide food for her family.

“She prayed, ‘Lord, I know you never let us down – we need food for our family,'” the director said. “As she was walking later that day, she found some money on the path in front of her. She was so pleased that God had answered her prayer in such a creative way that she started jumping up and down with joy.”

She rushed out to buy bread for her family, and when her neighbors asked where she had gotten the money, she replied, “It was sent to me from God.”

“They pressed her to tell them how that was possible, so she went on to share her faith and pray with them,” the director said.

Many Muslims are drawn to Christian communities after hearing stories of miraculous healings. The director shared one particularly heartwarming story, where a mother named Nivine brought her paralyzed, 2-year-old daughter to a meeting of one of the ministry teams for prayer.

Fearing he would offend the young mother, the area ministry leader warned her that they pray in the name of Jesus. . .

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