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Brevard County SB

FL School Board Rejects Proposal to Add Sexual Orientation Protection Policy

Faith and Freedom with Liberty Counsel’s Mat Staver and BarbWire’s Matt Barber… An 11-minute weekday radio program discussing hot topics in the area of religious liberty, the sanctity of human life and the family.

The Brevard County School Board unanimously, 5 to 0, rejected a proposal to the local ordinance that would have added “sexual orientation” and “gender identity” to the school’s so-called “non-discrimination” policy.  The school board received a letter from Liberty Counsel which was presented to the school board members and referred to by the public speakers. And they heard from nearly 100 people and parents that were there to oppose this so-called LGBT — if you will — this “bathroom bill” policy.

Mat Staver: Matt, this is good news. Brevard County, for those that do not know where that is, it’s in the southern part of Florida…north of Miami right around the Ft. Lauderdale/West Palm Beach area, if you know where that is. . .

It is not an otherwise conservative base in Florida. It is not your local area that’s very rural or conservative. So for the school board to vote 5 to 0 to reject this is a significant victory. In fact, going into this particular vote, one of the pastors that used to be in law school, he’s also someone who graduated from law school with my wife, he’s a pastor and he also has a law degree, he was there and he spoke. He is someone who was counting votes, and going into it he said that he thought they would lose by a vote of 4 to 1.

Matt Barber: And here’s an example of a school board listening to the people they are supposed to represent, and to the students they are supposed to protect and educate. These “sexual orientation”/”gender identity laws,” these are extremist laws. The Left is so good at couching all of this stuff in this flowery language of tolerance and diversity and protecting LBGT individuals…


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