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Kim Davis Honored at National Religious Broadcasters Convention

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Kim Davis, the Rowan County kentucky Clerk, was honored at the National Religious Broadcasters’ convention. She received two awards. One from the president of  NRB, Jerry Johnson, had the President’s Award, and he honored her in front of the entire NRB convention.

And the other was from Bott Media, the Bott Radio Network. They have about 100 or more radio stations nation-wide, and they reach about 50 million listeners around the country. Both of these were there at NRB, the Botts and of course Jerry Johnson. And it was at those meetings of the National Religious Broadcasters convention and also the Bott Radio Network where Christian clerk Kim Davis was honored for her stance, for her courage, for her Christian witness.

Mat Staver: Matt, you know the fact is that Kim Davis is someone who was courageous and literally went to jail for her faith. Six days she spent in jail. She was ready to spend six months in jail or longer if she had to so as not to violate the Scriptures with regards to the definition and understanding of marriage as the union of a man and a woman.

And as a result of that, lots of things have happened. Her court case is still going on but a governor has been elected in Kentucky. An executive order has been issued by that new governor, Matt Bevin, to protect her and other clerks. The Senate, in Kentucky, by a vote of 30 to 8 passed a law that would ultimately protect the clerks. That goes on to the house for consideration, and then if passed the Governor will sign it.

Kim Davis has had a ripple effect of good around the country…

Matt Barber: Mat, this case is important on so many different levels. Obviously for the possible precedent that it will set here. But really, a big part of why this case is so important is because it’s just a perfect example of how, when a person stands firm for God’s truth, and does not waiver — and Kim is a humble, sweet, kind, caring person that loves these self-identified gays and lesbians who are seeking to validate there behavior…


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