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Moore Power to You, North Carolina!


The Charlotte City Council may have popped the champagne a little prematurely on its LGBT ordinance, state leaders say. After ignoring more than three hours of testimony from local opponents, members forced a bill through the council that not only punishes free speech but opens the door to gender chaos in public bathrooms. Like other controversial sexual orientation-gender identity (SOGI) measures, Charlotte’s not only orders businesses to celebrate a radical definition of sexuality (or be punished), but allows men to use women’s showers and locker rooms (and vice-versa) based on their “perceived” gender.

And while the seven members of the city council may have won the Left’s approval, they don’t have the state’s. Governor Pat McCrory (R) has been clear from the outset that if Charlotte went through with this dangerous policy, they’d have the state legislature to answer to. Speaker of the North Carolina House Tim Moore is already making sure of that, calling yesterday for a special session of the General Assembly to hold the city in check.

“The vast majority of my fellow colleagues in the House and I believe the ordinance passed by the Charlotte City Council poses an imminent threat to public safety. We believe it prudent to consider immediate action because the Charlotte City Council decided to make its ordinance effective prior to the convening of our short session. We understand that special sessions have a cost, but the North Carolina House is unwilling to put a price tag on public safety.”

Talk about a profile in courage! Not every state is fortunate enough to have leaders who not only stand up to political correctness — but correct course when others haven’t. If you live in North Carolina, I encourage you to thank Speaker Moore and Governor McCrory for showing some conservative backbone. It’s just as important to applaud leaders for doing the right thing, as it is to speak up when they don’t. Click here to show them your appreciation.


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