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Maybe ‘Conservative Gay Marriage Advocates’ Can Tell Trump What ‘True Conservatism’ Is


Donald Trump might not be a conservative, but the Heritage Foundation and Conservative Political Action Committee surely are the epitome of conservatism. And so maybe they and their “conservative gay marriage advocates” can tell Trump what True Conservatism is.

The Daily Signal, the news arm of the Heritage Foundation, published a March 3 story by Kelsey Harkness with the headline, “Conservative Gay Marriage Advocates Urge Tolerance for Religious Objectors.” And that headline about what happened at CPAC 2016 shows everything that’s wrong with conservatism.

First, after constantly being told by conservatives that “conservatism cannot be redefined into whatever you wish,” I read the phrase, “conservative gay marriage advocates” from a conservative organization.

Secondly, the headline reveals another surrender to leftism by showing that it is now a conservative position to plead with sexual deviants for religious freedom. Conservatives used to realize that religious freedom is preeminent but they are now so brainwashed they argue from positions of weakness without even realizing it.

And if you are hoping for redemption in Harkness’s story you will be disappointed. It reads like something you would’ve read at a left-wing site 10-15 years ago.

“This conversation that we are having right now literally couldn’t happen at a left-wing conference, because we’d all be hounded off the stage and booed,” Guy Benson, Fox News contributor and editor, said during a religious liberty panel. “I think this speaks well of our movement and poorly of their movement.” . . .

Benson, who came out as gay last year, told his three fellow panelists that he was “personally gratified” by the the [sic] Supreme Court’s same-sex marriage decision but that he disagrees with the “mandatory celebration” of gay marriage.

So not only does a deviant lead a conservative organization, but he openly boasts of holding a position that only a radical leftist would hold just a few years ago.

I want no part of this.

And where are the conservative and Christian leaders who are trashing Trump? Why aren’t they trashing the Heritage Foundation and demanding Benson be removed from

And yet the article gets worse.

Turning the tables, Shapiro added, “I can’t believe that you would force the gay bakers to bake a cake for the Westboro Baptist Church.”

Westboro Baptist Church is known for its hate speech against the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender community.

Read that last sentence. It could have been written by a staff writer for the Advocate or Human Rights Campaign. I’m not offering praise to Westboro. I’m talking about the phrase, “hate speech against the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender community.”

Conservatism is now led by the most vulgar and uncivil people, and it advances the leftist agenda. “Conservative gay marriage advocates” should let Trump know this is what True Conservatism is all about so he can become more conservative.

And the subversion is so great conservatism doesn’t even realize what’s happening.


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