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General MacArthur

It’s Called Duty Mr. Trump


If General MacArthur were here today and gave his speech about Duty, Honor, Country more than half the country and a large number of Republicans would snicker. Duty, Honor, Country is so yesterday. Winning, Profit, Greatness is so today.

America was great, Mr. Trump, because we were virtuous, not because we followed a master negotiator that made great deals. The greatest generation, Mr. Rubio, was great for a reason. And your throwaway line to millennials is just that. If America has stopped being good, it will never again be great no matter what the promise faeries whisper to you on the way to the voting booth.

During tonight’s debate there was a moment when Donald Trump looked at Ted Cruz, threw a heater right across the plate, and Ted struck out looking. Well, maybe it was only strike two, but Ted definitely missed a golden opportunity.

Trump has now, twice running, mentioned that he admires what Ted did on the Senate floor when for over 21 hours he stood to speak in support of defunding Obamacare but that ultimately, it didn’t accomplish anything. And Ted allowed that to go unanswered. Here’s what he should have said:

“I’m sorry that you don’t get it, Donald, and maybe you’ll never get it because you tend to judge worthiness in dollar signs, but my filibuster did accomplish something. It accomplished a great deal.

You see, while you were writing checks to all those Republicans and Democrats and putting the “crony” in capitalism, I was standing in front of the Washington Cartel and saying, ‘Not on my watch! I will not go quietly into that dark night. I will not go along to get along.

I will not, to advance my career, turn my back on the American people. I will, to the best of my ability, fulfill my vow to defend the Constitution from enemies without and from enemies within. From within my country and even from within, it’s sad for me to say, my own party.

I will not run. I will not hide. I stand in gratitude to those who have passed before me and I stand as witness to those who are looking even now for leadership. And I stand, even if it must be, against all odds! And I accuse!’

Maybe, Donald, you should go home and watch Mr. Smith Goes to Washington and rethink your idea of what and what isn’t worth your time!

And one more thing, Donald. I’m from Texas. So next time you come down here to preach about the size of your wall, take Trump One to a little place in San Antonio. It’s called The Alamo. And have a Texan explain it to you.

And I hope, upon reflection, you’ll come to the same conclusion of every American generation that has witnessed the heroism of men with commitment to a cause irrespective of temporal victory. Of men willing to stand in the storm of adversity and not seek shelter, or deals, or negotiations but who would stand, and fight, and if need be – die to preserve an ideal and to uphold something larger than their own personal gain. Of men who would sacrifice all, not to put their name on a building or build a personal legacy, but to leave a legacy of freedom for all future generations to behold, admire, and take inspiration.

And Donald, try and tell the Texan who explains it to you that it was a waste of time. You may want to make sure your Secret Service detail is standing between you and him when you say it, though. And in the next debate, you can let me know how that worked out for you.”


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