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For the Christian Thinking on Syrian Immigration


My wife and I were having a familiar conversation on the way to work this morning. It usually starts when the kids have been dropped off to school, otherwise my oldest (9) will repeat word for word at school ,what I think of the political mess North America finds itself in.

Of course We drifted to Syrian immigration (again). I was a bit Perturbed by the complaint of a Syrian family that was now required to pay for their flight over, from the supposed hell they were escaping . It’s obviously not an immediate payment. It will be spread out in payments for eternity.

Their griping really got me. I put myself in their position, back in the Middle East.

A nasty faction was coming to behead me, slave out or kill my babies, and rape and pimp out my wife. You better believe I would do everything short of selling my soul to get the heck out of their.

And yet many of the stories coming from the supposedly liberated, are tales of dissatisfaction . Apparently, being bored, bad wifi, and subpar food are reasons for many refugees to demand they are flown back to the Middle East on our buck (yet again). If these things are enough to cause them flight back to the war torn region, could it be thy had nothing to run from in the first place. And if there is no fear of returning to ISIS risk, could it be they share a bit too much in common with ISIS?

Now, to be fair, there are stories of gratitude, and pride in the flag of the country that has rescued them. And that’s what we want to see. After all, our taxes are paying for this in a time when the economy is plummeting like Kanye’s intelligence.

But something just isn’t right.

Today in the Toronto Sun, an article came out expressing concern for the crooked people behind the Syians’ vetting. Apparently the Syrian officials are so corrupt that Osama could be vetted and passed across our borders as “Alice Underwood”.

So considering the smug responses and mocking, of those of us who are not afraid to kick up a little sand, it seems we are yet again justified to be suspicious, if even such a left leaning rag as the TS will print such concerns.

None of my church friends want to even start to consider that they are wrong, about throwing off concern. They somehow missed the book of Proverbs in their dust covered bible. It’s all love peace and halal pancakes. It is more what would Rick Warren do, rather than what would Jesus do. Just tell ’em about Jesus and get’em in a small group (bible study). Somehow looking out for the safety of our country means bypassing that nagging feeling in the back of their skulls. I can just guess how they parented their children by their response to this real and present danger.

The truth people…the truth is that in the name of charity we are admitting some folks who would eat our kidneys for breakfast.

I am not without Christian conscience though.

And I do realize these people need Jesus.

Christians suggest that we have a chance to proselytize such people. And without a doubt, some “cultural” Muslims are seeing the truth in the Messiah Christ. But for the most part these are people who have integrated into the non Muslim community that they find themselves in. The rest find a nice little basement suite next to the mosque, buy a bag of artificial bacon bits and claim yet another piece of American soil for Allah.

As the anti-Israel, American flag burning community becomes stronger, they get into municipal politics, buy businesses and create community strongholds.

Now the nativity must disappear.

Those lefty militant atheists who demand that soldiers grave has the cross removed, ironically have a strange new bedfellow: the practicing Muslim.

And so eventually the neutral ground that provides place for discussion, becomes pro Muslim and anti- Christian.
There will be no conversation as to why the Muslim should question the ‘pedophilic’ lifestyle of their prophet…”that there son, is illegal!”

What we see is that in an attempt to bring the Muslim to church, we have given away our sovereignty and North America is on its way to being counted as an Islamic nation.

Should we help our neighbour? Without a doubt yes. Should we do it on their terms (terms that will eventually risk the ‘illegalizing’ of anything Christian)? Without a doubt no!

The answer to this problem is proper vetting by non-Muslim, American born officials.

The answer is found in considering the sovereignty of your country before the wishes of a foreigner or his political movement (such as Islam).

The answer is in the government keeping track of immigrants and placing them in diverse communities.

Let’s be good stewards of this nation God has blessed us with.


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