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Ted Cruz

Conservatives Won’t Demand that Cruz Repudiate Bruce Jenner


Conservatives won’t demand that Ted Cruz repudiate Bruce Jenner’s support despite people still shrieking that Donald Trump hasn’t done enough to repudiate the support of David Duke. This is yet another example of the failure of conservatism.

You can do a web search of “Donald Trump David Duke” and easily find left and right excoriating Trump for not doing enough to repudiate Duke’s support despite Trump having already done so on multiple occasions, and despite both left and right never forcing leftists to play the Denouncing Game no matter who supports them.

But let’s not go into that since we all know about that double standard. Instead, let’s look at Bruce Jenner voicing support for Ted Cruz for president. Not only have conservatives—including Christians—not denounced this, but they seem rather smitten with it.

Check out Breitbart, the Washington Examiner, the Daily Caller, Washington Times, the Blaze, Twitchy, and even Clash Daily (where I sometimes contribute) on the matter. What do you think about what they wrote regarding Jenner supporting Cruz?

And don’t expect anything to change. Neither conservatives nor Christians will demand that Ted Cruz repudiate the vulgar Bruce Jenner’s support the way left and right demanded that Trump repudiate Duke’s support.

In fact, the very idea that Cruz should repudiate Jenner’s support won’t even cross most people’s minds. They will, in fact, hiss at me for suggesting that Jenner and Duke are alike. (They’d be even more hysterical if I reminded them of what the Founding Fathers and the colonialists before them thought of sexual deviancy.)

Conservatism has failed so spectacularly that few even recognize it has failed; few can even see that it is now as fully on board with leftism as leftists are.

Conservatism is at the point where it is normal to embrace sexual deviancy (including “transgenderism,” which no one even heard of just fifteen years ago). Conservatism accepts big government and makes no effort to reduce it. Conservatism accepts women taking leadership roles in businesses, politics, and so forth. Conservatism opposes abortion but doesn’t view those who support it as evil. In fact, conservatism embraces those who make “intellectual” cases for “justifiable homicide.”

Conservatism accepts that Christianity has no place in the public square. Conservatism believes the U.S. should fight wars (that are never won) to protect other nations even when the wars serve no interest for the U.S. Conservatism believes those who want a sovereign nation are slightly more evil than the devil. Conservatism believes that Marxism is an acceptable political ideology even as there is a jihad against foundational America.

All these things, which conservatism once rejected, it now embraces because leftists have made them normal and conservatism always accepts that which the left normalizes.

All this should clarify just a bit more why I’m not supporting anyone in the election. No current leader is going to turn America back to what it once was. We are past the point of no return. All I’m hoping for now is a little bit of justice—for someone to tear down the engine that allowed this to happen, and for that person to ruin all the creeps who are a part of the engine and who are profiting (and will continue to profit) from it as long as it stays in place.

Don’t bother lecturing me about “decency” and “civility.” Those things died long ago because conservatism decided they weren’t worth saving. (In fact, conservatism and many Christians have ostracized me for having fought for them.)

So conservatives will encourage their followers to support Cruz. They say he’s a decent man despite the fact that he won’t repudiate Jenner’s support, despite that Big Deviancy funds him, and despite that he is good friends with Peter Thiel who backed a group that has me on a “watch list” for “human rights abuses.” (Slandering me and thousands of others means nothing to conservatives).

I’m not outraged by this because I understand the reality of contemporary times. And all this is why I am where I am today. Most of what I’m trying to do is to survive. The rest of what I’m trying to do is make the best of a bad situation. As I’ve said before:

Fighting and tearing apart this new normal is going to be a part of my change.

And I’m going to have a good time doing it.

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