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Dealing with Morts Who Attempt to Assasinate Our Character


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Recently I posted an article, which admittedly, I confessed was just my opinion. I even wrote, “I hope I am wrong”.

Instantly I had the brave keyboard warrior division of the Matrix sending little comments from their peanut galleries in insult, rebuttal and disapproval.

Apparently because they go to a recognized school (which of course they always make sure that you find out), or read some of Dawkins’ disasters, they are experts on anything and everything!

Painfully they did not let the subject die. It was like a little child repeatedly trying to get the last word in.
Every time you think the “chat” is finished, they come back with some long thesis the next morning. You just know they Red-Bulled the wee hours in order to save face.


I made it a policy of mine to never respond to anything but positive comments bellow my articles. I’ve watched other writers try and reason with the keyboard critic or conference mockers. Men with PHDs and maybe decades of experience in a particular field, being called out by the clerk at 7-11 who is apparently taking a little “Poly-Sci” at night school.

But alas, good sense occasionally evades me and I find myself throwing a few words at the purposely ignorant. Of course, the idea behind this was the defense of conservatism or even God, in front of a skeptical world. I needed to answer for the sake of the soul of the teetering, casual reader.

But this, although done in the purest of intentions, always backfires.

I’m a pastor. I am a father, a husband and a writer. I have no time. And I certainly do not have enough time to bang heads with someone only there to build a cyber reputation or to act out their anger.

Anyone who writes for a major site on the Internet knows what I’m talking about.

When I wrote, “Understanding This Jesus Thing,” I knew that because it was coming out in book form, I would actually have to search for reviews if I wanted to read the criticisms. Hopefully not every Tom, Dick and Harry would put the pizza down at lunch to write some detailed like or dislike of my book.

It also wouldn’t pop up in my email that “Bob Laulau” just responded to my book.

But having articles posted on a major Right leaning site is a different story. A right-site, when it draws comments, it draws from the like-minded, but also draws from the double A’s (the Arrogant Angry). As well it draws from the Triple A’s (Angry Arrogant Atheists).

For some reason, these folks live for only two things (beside watching The Big Bang)

They want to pick a fight. They want affirmation that their ‘nerdiness’ is chic and therefore puts them in a class higher than the Jocks that used to push them around in high school.

It’s pointless.

You and I both know that responding with anything less than, “You are right; I am wrong……I therefore worship at your throne oh morning sun of the land of Nerd!” is downright unacceptable to those criticizing you.

It’s really about potshots, self-high-fiving and sniping someone down. Hence I believe this directed aggression is really about a deep-seated anger or discontentment in their life. But I’ll leave that for the Shrinks to write about.
So they lash out in a somewhat socially acceptable arena. Might I suggest even, that they are insecure?


But this problem is not just for those of us who take to the keys to speak out. Mockers are everywhere. Yes they do feel more comfortable hiding behind the screen and less of them actually come out from behind their 1080p shield. But they also come to political rallies and yell out, from the back. They go to churches and challenge speakers in front of the congregation, (again) from the back. Lately Mockers have felt a renewed vigilance because of the relentless attack on the belief in Jesus (mostly from the ‘naturalistic’ community).

In my book, I call them the “Morts” of society. You know, the kind of guy who had his nametag stitched into his underpants all throughout high school.

But no matter who they are, we need to learn to deal with them if we are to be productive in societal change.
It’s like I told my eldest son, “Flip a nickel, anywhere, in any direction, and you’re sure to hit a Mort square in the forehead.”

Morts will always be around…
…Morts can drive you nuts.

Like I mentioned previously, they are persistent; they don’t give up easily. Most of their rebuttals are as logical as trying to mate with a stuffed porcupine.

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