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Don’t Succumb to Socialism Subterfuge on Super Tuesday


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Preparing to celebrate our 40th wedding anniversary, my wife and I went to see “Motown the Musical” here in Music City USA. It was fantastic! We watched Smokey Robinson, Diana Ross, Marvin Gaye, the Temptations, Four Tops, Martha and the Vandellas, Stevie Wonder and Michael Jackson sing their classic hits.

Actually, none of the original celebrities were present but their impersonators sure sounded and looked genuine. We felt like “Dancin’ in the Streets!” as the old song goes. Exiting the auditorium we remembered this was a big production carefully orchestrated to project an image not rooted in reality.

I wonder how many impressionable and uninformed people who leave a Clinton or Sanders campaign event are aware they’re experiencing a similar production? Here I refer to the technique of using deception to accomplish one’s goals. A musical for entertainment is one thing but when you’re dealing with the future of our nation, it’s a much different story.

The Socialism Seduction

The two Democratic candidates for president both espouse forms of socialism, although Bernie Sanders is much more upfront about it. He’s calling for a new “political revolution” to change culture even more than Barack Obama has done!

Young people are his primary supporters because of the negative things they’ve been taught about capitalism in school, plus they are understandably enticed by his lofty and unachievable promises. Fans say they “feel the bern” after his events but Americans will feel even more burn with our obscene $19 trillion debt!

Listen to Bernie in his rallies and he will tell you about the suffering of people due to corrupt capitalism and explosive student debt; inadequately paid two job families and starvation living wages; insufficient childcare; lack of proper medical care; seniors eking out an existence on fixed incomes; and, the need for progressive, “democratic socialistic” policies to stop the income inequality rampant in America. That is how he will save the day and develop more dependency on the Democratic Party.

Free college tuition, child care and medical care plus hefty raises start as we recognize the system is rigged; Wall Street billionaire bankers are immoral and capitalism must be replaced by democratic socialism like welfare states in Europe and other “progressive” nations.

Mrs. Clinton is more subtle and does not go quite as far with her rhetoric, but she knows how to sway the audience with government programs and giveaways.

When she follows Bernie’s lead in lamenting the horrible state of our country, are folks aware she, Mr. Sanders and their party have been in charge for seven years? After her recent Nevada win she said, “This is not just what we’re going to give to you but what we’re going to build together.” Don’t forget, years before Obama she advocated government control of the health industry plus is a rabid Planned Parenthood supporter.

Hillary also targets the wealthy but is more clever and contrived in her approach. She knows discerning people who dig out facts aren’t as easily fooled. Example: Her applause line castigating corporate CEOs earning 300 times more than their employees conveniently fails to include the fact that she earns more in one speech than the average CEO makes in a year!

The average CEO in America makes $216,000 annually. Hillary Clinton’s speaking agency charges $275,000 for her speeches although she did give Goldman Sachs a “deal” for three speeches at $675,000. And check out what she gets on college campuses where she blasts rising costs and burdensome debt!

Many educated baby boomers have some knowledge of history and world events so they scoff at the utopian deception presented by Mrs. Clinton and Mr. Sanders. But for those under 30, the choreographed speeches catch their attention as a “new idea” whose time has come. It’s very appealing and intoxicating if you’re not discerning.

              The Sad Story of Socialistic Societies

One of the towering figures of world history is Winston Churchill. He provides some historical perspective with these relevant words for today. “Socialism is a philosophy of failure, the creed of ignorance, and the gospel of envy, it’s inherent virtue is the equal sharing of misery.”

The very day Hillary and Bernie were waving their socialistic banners in their campaigns, USA TODAY ran an article on the current situation in Venezuela. Hugo Chavez was elected their president in 1999 and led a socialist government until his death in 2013.

Here’s some gleanings from the article: “In Venezuela… Rampant inflation and staggering economy… Huge shortages of food, medicines and staples such as toilet paper and shampoo… government price controls… faces $14 billion in foreign debt payments this year… Inflation is out of control and the value of the currency has plummeted…’We just get poorer and poorer’…”

A young conservative writer, Aaron Windeknecht, puts it best.

“5 Things Bernie Supporters Will NEVER Understand:

1. When Bernie says ‘free’ it doesn’t ACTUALLY mean free.

2. You are NOT entitled to someone else’s hard-earned money… Ever.

3. You CANNOT tax a nation into prosperity.

4. The rich are not responsible for your financial situation. YOU are.

5. Socialism will DESTROY the innovation that made America great.”

Michael Moore has a new movie, “Where to Invade Next” with the same old propaganda he always peddles. Belittling America, he loves to go to other places to show how they do it better than we. Like he did with his movie on healthcare in Cuba that was filled with misleading information and deception, he continues his work. Of course he uses selective illustrations from smaller, socialist countries to try and convince the gullible and unsuspecting that socialism really works (all the while raking in millions from our society of exploitation and greed).

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