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Donald J. Trump: Tony Stark or Lex Luthor?


The way things are shaping up I’m wondering if Donald J. Trump should have forced the GOP to sign an agreement that they wouldn’t run 3rd party.

Of course the wisdom of the GOP establishment is legendary. Four years ago when the Achilles heel of Obamacare was hanging like an anchor around the president’s neck, GOP intelligentsia united around the guy who wrote its first draft – Mitt “Romneycare” Romney.

Today, when the main issue is illegal immigration, who do Reince Priebus and his institutional flunkies get behind? The guy who wrote the amnesty bill for the gang of 8. With friends like these we don’t need Karl Rove. And welcome to the stupid party.

Donald Trump is currently sweeping through the primaries like Conor McGregor has the Lightweight division in the UFC. His brash bravado coupled with tangible victories is setting the tone for a perfect storm. A political campaign may be an ultimate fight and I won’t argue that this one has taken the shape of the octagon but at some point you’ll have to govern.

“Trump is like watching a category 5 tornado tear through your neighbor’s yard if your neighbor was an ‘expletive deleted,” said a friend working for a rival campaign. “The problem is that Schadenfreude is not a strategy.  As delicious as it may seem initially, it doesn’t solve problems.”

But that’s just it, the fervor surrounding Trump stems from victims who have suffered through a famine of masculinity. And every time Trump takes on political correctness, every time Trump speaks directly about things that “the opposition party” didn’t oppose, the electorate is reminded of the invertebrate promise faeries in the Republican Party who are now squawking more about Trump than they ever did about Obama, Pelosi, Reid, Obamacare, Amnesty, the Iran deal, etc. etc.

Trump supporters are only thinking of yesterday and today but they haven’t even begun to consider tomorrow.  Yesterday, the Democrats held them while Obama hit them mercilessly and the Republicans just stood by and watched (except for that strange guy from Texas that nobody likes, at least that’s what I’ve been told).

Today, a rich and accomplished bare-knuckle-brawler has walked onto the playground and promised to pummel the bullies of yesterday. And we know that he’ll come through because his wife is hot, and he’s got his name on some cool buildings, and like Bruce Wayne he owns his own plane and helicopter. But what will tomorrow look like?

Trump supporters see him as Tony Stark, his detractors as Lex Luthor, but what if he’s really just Gordon Gekko?  How would Gordon Gekko choose a Supreme Court Justice?  How would he reform the military? Would he purge the Pentagon, Justice Department, and State Department of the Manchurian Bureaucrats that infest them?  I think the answer is Jesse Ventura. Though, I can’t believe that I just wrote that.

Jesse Ventura might raise a sneer now because of his tinfoil accusations and his mistreatment of American Sniper’s widow but there was a time when he was a national darling, remember?  The guy who didn’t have time to bleed in Predator wowed the whole country when he ran on the Reform Party ticket against the establishment hacks in Minnesota. Ventura’s war cry was, “Don’t vote for politics as usual,” and Minnesota didn’t. The rest of the story is all downhill.

With the Democrats (DFL) controlling the Senate and the Republicans running the House, the candidate that sucked the air out of the room in the campaign couldn’t catch his breath in the Governor’s mansion. Ventura had no allies anywhere and everyone was trying to spoil his honeymoon.

Consider now just how a President Trump would govern? The establishment would be out to stab him in his sleep, Democrats, from their position of weakness, would be out for him to compromise. And compromise he would.

A deal maker with no principles beyond “winning” will compromise what may be dear to others just to get things done. No sacrifice would be too costly as long as it ended with signatures on the dotted line and a closed sale. We wouldn’t exactly have Charlie Sheen in the White House but we just may have Kris Jenner.

President Trump would have to build a coalition of like-minded pirates to pass anything of substance but even worse – in the modern climate of Executive overreach just how much  would President Trump abuse Executive Orders to get his way? There’s no telling how that would work out but it’s safe to say that it’ll look less and less like the government with the checks and balances that our Founders handed down.

A winning campaign doesn’t restore our liberties. A winning campaign doesn’t turn back 8-years of Alinsky-Marxist sabotage. Trump will have to make deals and it’ll resemble the kind of deals that have led to the anger that fuels his candidacy.

And what will the so-called “Conservative” demi-gods who sit atop Mt. Olympus say when their hero lets them down? Can you hear me Mike Gallagher? Don’t choke on your Thai food while you’re reading this, Michael Savage.

It’s absolutely without a shadow of a doubt that Ted Cruz would appoint men like Robert George and Mark Levin to the Supreme Court. Any idea who Trump would appoint? Oh, I know he mumbled the names of a couple moderates during the South Carolina debate, and I’m sure he memorized the names just before he walked on stage, but what I really want to know is:

How do you think Sean Hannity will report a liberal appointment to the Supreme Court when his champion let’s him down?  Will Donald J. Trump’s boots taste the same as they do now, Sean?

If your number one priority is equality of outcome, however right or wrong your perceptions, then you’re cheering on Bernie or Hillary.

If your top priority is to maintain power – the preservation of the status quo, then your candidate is Marco Rubio.

If your main priority is money or to win at all cost then your candidate is Donald J. Trump.

But if your top priority is the Bill of Rights, if to you the Constitution is imprimis, then you’ll be supporting Senator Ted Cruz.  It’s really that simple.


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