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The Soft Bigotry of Low Political Expectations


McCain, Romney, now Trump…

Not surprising, but hard to stomach nonetheless as America is swiftly on the decline.

Scientism, socialism, and practical atheism are the Marxist trinity of secular thought that currently plagues our nation. A rejection of all that is sacred and pure is  becoming the new normal. We’ve been thrust headlong toward a future path void of moral clarity, social direction, ethical guidance, personal discretion, and spiritual wisdom. We are as a rudderless ship.

Is the day of complete social decline just around the corner? A time in which the difference between good and evil will become indistinguishable. America may very well be on the brink. On the other side lies a cesspool of lawlessness, deceit, and propaganda.

Progressives, in particular, love to expand the grey areas. If the distinction between what is righteous and what is wicked is left undefined, the crusades of the godless activist becomes much more tolerable (and often under the guise of civil virtue).

There is a clear divide that lies between the seduced and the seducers. In the middle lies a majority aching to set the record straight. We want to work, live, and strive for a little peace and prosperity in this life as we prepare for the next.

We greatly value and esteem all that has been achieved on behalf of liberty and freedom throughout the history of our nation.

A full rediscovery of our constitutional foundations should be soundly promoted as part of a comprehensive, multi-disciplinary effort to defeat the progressive, anti-American powers. We ought to be fighting informational, ideological, and intellectual fire with fire. Only then could we truly have even the slightest chance to challenge their perpetual and unabashed criminality. If we continue to play this sinister game amidst this dark political climate, we will merely be complicit in digging our own grave.

Too many years of forsaking the right thing for political expediency is what has got us into this mess. Yet, this sin epidemic plagues all of us. Beyond our national woes lies the inconvenient and uncomfortable truth that we are sinners in the hands of an angry God. The time of individual and national awakening and repentance is now!
In God We Trust?

That still waits to be seen…



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