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To Counter Turkish Threat, Russia Sends Fighter Jets to Its Base in Armenia


Russia has moved several MiG-29 fighters and other aircraft to its military base in Armenia, after Turkish threats of a more direct military intervention in Syria. The Russian base in Armenia is located some 40 kilometers from the Turkish border.

Four Russian MiG-29 jets, a modernized MiG bomber and a transport helicopter have been dispatched to the air base near the Armenian capital Yerevan.

Relations between Turkey and Armenia have always been tense, because Turkey refuses to recognize its Ottoman Empire committed a genocide of 1,5 million Christian Armenians 100 years ago. Besides, by backing ISIS and other radical Islamic groups against the Syrian government, Turkey has posed a serious threat to the Christian minority in Syria, one of the oldest Christian communities in the world.

Armenia was the first officially Christian nation in the world. While is good that Russia, which is the largest Orthodox Christian nation in the world, is supporting and protecting Armenia against Islamic Turkey, it is not good for America, which is the largest Protestant nation in the world, to be officially an ally of Turkey, because in a military conflict between Turkey and Armenia, you will probably see America siding with Muslims while Russia sides with Christians.

This situation is already happening in Syria, where Russia supports a pro-Christian government while Turkey, Saudi Arabia and the U.S. support Islamic rebels who have been torturing, raping and slaughtering Syrian Christians.

With information of Deutsche Welle.

Portuguese version of this article: Para combater ameaça turca, Rússia envia caças para sua base na Armênia


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