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5 Reasons Some ‘Evangelicals’ Fooled by a Trump Deal


America won’t be “great again” if a narcissist chameleon is our commander-in-chief. But deceived self-declared Christians may make this nightmare a reality.

Why are some evangelicals supporting Donald Trump when they have a clear and fabulous alternative like Ted Cruz?

It really comes down to five basic explanations:

1. A truth-in-labeling issue. Are these folks genuine believers in Jesus Christ?

Yes, some may have been baptized at church camp as a teen. Yet it’s a safe bet that a true Christian walk for most is inconsistent. And discernment is certainly missing if they support the casino-building, reputation-trashing, wife-betraying, unrepentant Trump.

You can call yourself anything, but that doesn’t make it so.

If we were flies on the wall, I am guessing we would see many life profiles of “evangelical” Trump fans characterized by high personal debt; substance abuse struggles; repeated sexual sin; interpersonal conflict; haphazard job histories; and spotty church attendance.

So here comes Donald Trump, who’s going to “fix” lives complicated by repetitive bad behavior. He filed numerous business bankruptcies and bounced back, seemingly better than ever, living large and apparently unscathed. He’s surrounded by beauty and wealth. How cool is that?

Trump symbolizes hope for these folks.

It’s not the value system of Jesus Christ, but to the marginal Christ-identifier, Trump’s history can take on the cache of “overcoming.” He validates the rationalizations that accompany a stumbling walk.

2. Sexual sinners love Trump. He has slithered out of marriages and engaged in adultery without perceptible consequences. He was tolerant in the past of abortion and confesses current support for the “good work” of Planned Parenthood. He recently reassured a lesbian reporter that he will make sure their rights (aka, demands) are accommodated.

These hints of policy liberalism — closer to Democrats than Republicans — should alarm the biblically-oriented voter, but they will be a comfort to those with secret indiscretions and unrepentant sin.

Of course, Jesus will forgive anyone with a sketchy sexual past, but true repentance means turning away. Too often, Joe and Jenny sitting in the pews regularly return to the sewer.

Pornography is a huge addiction among alleged Christians, even pastors, with many routinely confessing, “I fell again. Lord, forgive me.” Give us a break.

The attraction of a secular televangelist like Trump is a big temptation, but it really says you just don’t care about America. You care about hype, perceived glamour, squishy “whatever” morality, and the aura of success, without the substance of sense, morality and true patriotism.

This is a “deal” that does no Christian– or American– any good.

3. Prosperity and glamour. One thing we humans should never do is bargain with God or consider Him our good luck charm. But Trump is the master of the “deal,” and as president, he will not be a servant of “we the people” or a servant of God, but a servant of “me, the Donald.”

Some self-proclaimed Christians cherish prosperity and worldly success and believe that rich equals faithful. This phony faith even has a nickname: the “prosperity gospel.” Several months ago, Kenneth Copeland, Paula White and other prosperity preachers laid hands on Trump to bless his campaign. Has that swayed millions of their deceived followers? Most likely it has.

Donald Trump appeals big time to these people. Some have seldom voted before 2016 but Trump draws them into the polling booth. Heaven help us– and them.

4. Ignorance. There is an inexcusable lack of informed voting among Americans and even among self-proclaimed believers. The Constitution is a wonderful document that protects and fosters Christian values and faithful living.

But you would think it was toilet paper the way few seem to understand its current precarious position and what this portends for Christians and the Gospel.

Donald Trump won’t be a dependable defender of the Constitution or religious freedom, because he is a quick-change artist. He is accustomed to issuing orders to “get stuff done”–like a dictator. He will have little patience for those who cherish religious freedom, who can’t just “go with the flow.” He won’t understand the devotion of those willing to go to jail if needed for their faith. Trump will think these people are ridiculous.

“Just bake the homosexual wedding cake!” That will be Trump’s approach, unless he perceives a benefit to supporting the persecuted. (It’s the same idea recently conveyed by John Kasich — “just bake the cake!” and one of the many reasons Ohio Christian and conservative leaders support Ted Cruz instead).

The standards and direction of God won’t be part of a Trump deal, nor will a respect for the three branches of government. His phone and pen will be an extension of current presidential tyranny perfected by Obama.

5. Anger. Yes, evangelicals are furious over the lawless policies of the Obama administration, over politicians who break promises, over the breaching of our sovereign borders. But the reasons this sub-segment of proto-evangelicals feels angry may reflect some actual bigotry– the kind that true Christians don’t have but is frequently falsely attributed to our positions.

It’s understandable that Americans are outraged over the influx of illegals– I am too. It threatens our security. But there is a perceptible racist edge to this Trump enthusiasm.

Trump’s not the only candidate who pledges to address the law-breaking of illegal immigration. But he’s the only one who sounds as though he might use autocratic methods to get it done. And then possibly change his mind and let them all in, if it suits business interests.

Are these evangelical Trumpites single- issue people using foolish judgment? Just because the Donald uses dramatic rhetoric– “I’ll build a wall!”– doesn’t mean there aren’t other policies he will deploy that will horrify you and betray biblical standards that presumably you share.

How about Ted Cruz, who will build a wall, do it following our laws and Constitution, AND support life, marriage and religious freedom? And has a track record we can rely on?

The other suspicion about Trump that hints of bigotry is his position on Israel. He’ll be “neutral” on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Wait– isn’t this the same emerging, revived anti-Semitic ideology exhibited by our current president and many liberals? It’s not what true believers want in our commander-in-chief. Believers are commanded to support the Jewish people, and even if we weren’t, modern-day unwarranted Muslim aggression toward Israel would lead us to that conclusion.

Let’s educate our fellow, self-declared believers to support a trustworthy, stable, faithful candidate who is actually a conservative. I support Ted Cruz.


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