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Women Pretending to Be Barbie: Bad. Women Pretending to Be Men: Good.


Women who want to be like a Barbie Doll are wrong, but women who want to be men are right — at least that’s what society tells us.

Fox News published a story on Feb. 17 titled, “‘Human Barbie’ trend fueled by social media, body dysmorphia, experts say.” The article says that, “Social media seems to be fueling the trend of real life adult women aspiring to be Barbie Doll lookalikes,” and notes that “experts” seem worried about it.

Yet at the same time “experts” tell us there is nothing wrong with women mutilating themselves into parodies of men, with the Daily Mail publishing a story on Feb. 18. that proudly proclaimed, “Childhood friends who met when they were 16-year-old schoolgirls plan to marry and have children – after one of them transitioned to become a man.”

Madmen rule us.

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