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One of my sons is an engineer.  While in college he had a t-shirt he was fond of and I must admit, it was pretty good.  It went something like this:  A student is standing in front of huge blackboard full of math calculations looking very pleased with himself.  The problem is very long, full of symbols, numbers…everything you can imagine that makes no sense to the average person and right in the middle of all of it was this: (Insert Miracle Here)  Standing next to the very proud student is the professor who is not quite so convinced.  Pointing to the (Insert Miracle Here) he says to the young over-confindent fellow, “I think you are going to need a little more than that.”  Indeed.

I heard Donald Trump say that if he had been president on 9/11 SOMEHOW he would have prevented the attack.  (Insert miracle here)

We have all heard Donald say, “I’m going to build a wall and Mexico will pay for it.”  (Insert miracle here)

Trumps states his health care plan will be wonderful!  We are going to love it!  (Insert miracle here)

ISIS will be sent packing when Trump takes over and the Middle East will behave and do what Trump tells them to do.  (Insert unbelievable miracle here)

Trump insists that Putin will “send Snowden packing” if he becomes president and he and the Russian president will be great friends and wonderful things will happen.  (Insert HUGE miracle here)

Putin has endorsed Trump for president, praising him in every way.  What is really happening is old Vlad is licking his lips in eager anticipation of the foreign policy neophyte Trump taking over.  Putin will eat Trump alive.  As a side note, Putin probably giggles at the paltry 4.5 billion Trump has since Putin is worth an estimated 70 billion.  It’s good to be the king.  Not to worry, Donnie.  At least you are taller.  Putin is only 5’7″ so you can still look down on him in one way.

First, let me say I do not know Trump personally nor have I ever met him.

I have never met Barack Obama either and when he popped on the political scene about eight years ago, no one knew anything about him.  His political beliefs and pompous ego have nearly destroyed the country.

Let’s not make that mistake again with Donald Trump.

So, just who is this arrogant man who was a flaming liberal most of his life, then switched to an Independent in 2011 and finally decided to be a Republican just four short years ago?  Who is this man who loves to compare himself to Ronald Reagan?

I would like to point out that Reagan was a well established Republican for 20 years before he was elected President and had been expressing his unhappiness with the Democrat Party for a few years before he made the change.  Reagan was a twice elected Republican Governor of the People’s Socialist Republic of California for God’s sake!  Reagan gave speeches and supported Republican candidates prior to being elected president.  He supported them.  He didn’t buy them.  Trump really needs to stop comparing himself to this great and much loved conservative.  The only thing they have in common is that they were/are both the male of the species.  That’s it.

Trump was pro-abortion before he wasn’t. He says he was pro-choice but hated abortions.  Well, I hate to tell you this Donnie, but if you give money to Planned Parenthood and say publically you are pro-choice, and admitting you would do nothing to stop abortions, even late term abortions and partial birth abortions, that means your were pro-abortion, like it or not and it is out there in videos so Cruz is not lying.  Just recently, Trump stated that Planned Parenthood is a wonderful group, except for the abortions, which he said was a “small part” of what they do.  Actually, Planned Parenthood made over half a billion dollars doing abortions.  It is no “small part” of what they do.  Trump knows nothing about Planned Parenthood or what it does.

It’s possible Trump has truly converted to being pro-life but I for one do not want to get him sworn in and then have him increase the money to Planned Parenthood and laugh at how stupid we were to believe him.

Trump is mad at the RNC again and once again, threatening to run as an Independent.  Well, that’s probably closer to his real political leaning anyway.  He sure isn’t a Republican.  Trump feels, once again, he is being picked on…poor baby.  I guess his word NOT to run as an Independent means nothing.  No one can be mean to Donnie, it hurts his feelings. Being mean is:  Telling him no or disagreeing with him ever on anything.  Wow.  I just realized that liberals and rich people have that in common.  Agree with me or you are a mean, horrible, racist, homophobic, sexist lying pig.

Trump is the kind of man who tried to use eminent domain to screw an old lady out of her land so his clients with limo’s would have a place to park them near one of his casino’s.  She took him to court and Trump lost.  The state of New Jersey would not have benefited from this action.  Atlantic City is doing just fine without a parking lot for limo’s.  Three cheers for an old lady who had the guts to stand up to him.

When the Supreme Court ruled that eminent domain could include “economic development” Trump cheered the ruling.  Why not, it opened up a huge legal wedge for him to swoop into a city and take over anything he wanted claiming he would save the city.  Trump believed it was a good thing to be able to throw people out of their homes and destroy small business owners so that rich people like him could make things better…for him at least.

How many times Trump has been married has to be mentioned.  Trump has married three times and always to models or actresses.  The one he was married to the longest was his first wife, Ivana.

Ivana is a very smart woman with keen business sense and was an excellent decorator/designer.  In fact, she was given the title of Vice President of Interior Design by her husband.  Recognizing her skill and talent, Trump gave her the nod to be president of the Trump Castle Hotel and Casino.  At one point, Ivana decided to back away from so much work to spend more time with their children but Trump asked to take over the renovation of the Plaza Hotel as its president.  She was given the Hotelier of the Year award in 1990 for her work on the landmark hotel.

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