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A Quick Guide to the Prevailing Conspiracy Theory


It is in this article, that I confess, I hope and pray that I am dead wrong. I would be overjoyed to write some time down the calendar, “Folks: I was delusional!”

The Less Informed; The Loudest

Unfortunately, over that last number of years quite a few conspiracy theorists have suffered the scorn from the “know-better-crowd.” Unbelievably, the know-better-crowd is one of the laziest groups of people to scrape their bellies opposite the splinters on the saloon floor.

Their expertise on such things as Global Warming, Fema Centers, Illegal Immigration or the mental health of children raised under gay couples almost always comes from such societal pillars of truth such as Facebook, Instagram, sitcoms, or far-left poisoned media providers.

Always a cocky comment, a roll of the eyes, or a snort begin such under-informed critiques of theories concerning the mess we find ourselves in today.

Their rebuttals always include a critical regurgitation of info presented by the angriest of people against Christianity, mythical White Privilege, and any form of Capitalism whatsoever.

However, facts roll over their propaganda like a tank on a Snickers Bar.

Facts make the other side eerily silent.

This should concern us, especially since an election is fast approaching. These people are not concerned with the longevity of our nation’s sovereignty, but simply how they can scratch that specific itch, at this specific moment. They share the YOLO mindset of the careless youth. “You Only Live Once,” jump off the cliff, and then off the E.R. at St Francis, if alive afterwards.

Alex Jones and

Quickly, scorned theories of the past are starting to rise to the top of the soup pot. Who can say conspiracy without in the same breath, mentioning “Alex Jones” of

Alex goes at it with such vigor; many people are deterred from some good theory. Take for instance his lambasting of Piers “Please England, take him back” Morgan over gun control. He acted as though someone just fed him a steak and a flat of Red Bull intravenously. His ferocity was justified, but his delivery was something painful to watch.

But how should Jones relay this info to a generation that is more interested in seeing the rights of Transgenders championed, than the genocide of the unborn?

Jones bark is usually corroborated by evidence (more and more as the clock tics).

Now I’m not saying everything he says is fact or appealing to the truth-searcher. His ideas about Extra Terrestrials depositing life on earth long ago is only for the die hard X-Filers. But when chewing the meat and spitting out the aliens, a lot of what he says is starting to make sense.

Not Just the Few Anymore

Talk to people privately, and many will concede that voting is making less of an impact nowadays because of a subversive autocracy deep in the dirt of American soil. Big Money People are definitely voting with the force of many, compared to the single vote of the average trailer park Joe. It’s just a matter of time before we find out how deep this goes.

So if Alex and others are right in their assessment of where we are politically, just what does that look like?
Let’s explore an amalgamation of a few theories.

Prevalent Theory

The Granddaddy of them all is that of a group of conscience-absent power groups (Rothschilds, George Soros, Rockefellers, Royal Family members), identifying with the title of The Illuminati.

They rig elections, set up governments, fund coupes, destroy economies, boost economies and assassinate naysayers and the enlightened (world wide). Some believe they are connected to the Masons (or actually are the Masons). If Masonic, then they are obviously high-level masons, which in turn makes them servants of Lucifer by oath (for obviously less than theologically sound reasons).

They fund websites such as the recently exposed Snopes site, supposedly devoted to challenging conspiracy theories with the truth, but actually bent on silencing the enlightened.

If the Illuminati (Masons) were in control, then it would be better to stay home voting day, than to waste the gas on a vote that doesn’t really count for anything.

Opposing, is the thought that the autocracy, are actually just the Dems and morally left leaning Republicans.
They work with each other.

But whether Illuminati or a Dem and liberal GOP concoction, they both have the same game plan.

Right now the way the US sits, either group would destabilize the economy purposely, and create a race divide worse than in 1619 (first black slaves arrived in America).

The Immigrant Jihadists, Obama has ushered in, fight against American law and the constitution. Illegal Mexicans know that if someone like Trump or Paul gets in, they’ll be packing for Puerto Vallarta.

They make the police look like buffoons and all whites as aspiring slave owners.

With the loss of respect of the police, comes an attack on the amount of sovereignty each of the American states has had.

So the police in each state are seen as incompetent and racist (even though the stats point to the opposite). Martial law is subsequently now instituted.

All those armored personal carriers seen being transported by train to the far-reaching areas of the US, stored out back of Walmart, are for martial law use. All those Fema Camps (with thousands of plastic coffins) are not for disaster relief (hence why the chain link fences, security and barbed wire?) but for those who will eventually fight back against the establishment or the opposing race group.

That 1.6 billion rounds of ammo purchased by the Department of Homeland Security (over twice the amount used in WWII) are for the military to suppress those who would take part in the violence brought on against the government and in the race divide.

We’re talking civil war here folks.

The result hoped for by The Establishment will probably resemble some form of internationally combined government. Because Canada and Mexico will have some sort of involvement in the coming American violence, the borders will more than likely dissolve in some manner. The secretly whispered super highways leading from Mexico to Canada will aide in bringing in a common currency (like the Euro; some have already forecasted an “Amero”).

On a side note, and a more global scale, the Russian transportation minister has talked openly of wanting a global highway. It would make it’s way from the UK, over the Bering Strait and on to New York, New York.

Pope Francis (or whoever continues in his stead after he is gone), and his latest Youtube message on all religions leading to God, will help blend borders, and, encourage a worldwide, unified church.

Everything on the table is meant to dissolve governments, borders, currencies and religions.

One government, one currency, no borders and one world religion.

The book of Revelations anyone?

There are obviously little tweaks in the overall plans that we are not yet aware of. But this is the general consensus of how it’s to go down. These elections will either usher this in or it will hold off the autocracy for a term or two (depending on who sits in the oval office less than a year from now).

But be assured, everything mentioned is gaining more and more ground. I’m sure you will find your jaw continually dropping to the floor as each event makes it’s way out of the Conspiracy Theory section, to the Historical section of your local library.

One government; one currency; no borders and one world religion.

But again, I hope I am wrong. Dead wrong.


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