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Steve Deace’s Predictions for South Carolina


May the voters of South Carolina take heed.

On March 5 in a suburb of Denver, Archbishop Samuel J. Aquila will lead a Eucharistic procession around a Planned Parenthood facility seven times—circling the baby-killing factory the same number of times Joshua and the Israelites did at Jericho before the walls of that pagan city came tumbling down.

When it comes to publicly chastising the grotesque idols of our age or any other, this is how you do it. And as the Palmetto State polls receive what is expected to be record-setting voter turnout for the South Carolina primary on Saturday, so too should it happen to the fake pro-life and fake-everything-else candidate Donald Trump.

Voters need to come correct, get on the other side of the wall, and start marching around the Donald (otherwise known as “Planned Parenthoods’s favorite Republican”) by voting for somebody else.

It is high time we knocked him down, South Carolina. Be not a clanging gong or a clashing cymbal. Make your voices ring with truth instead of being yet another vanity of vanities.

Donald Trump isn’t a Christian, nor is he a conservative or a Constitutionalist. He is a proud resident of Jericho, or Nineveh, or Sodom for that matter.

For South Carolinians to lift Trump up with a primary victory will be to enslave themselves to a spirit of the age. A cult in every sense of the word, just like Obama’s. It will be a tyrannical tantrum. It will be wrong.

Yes, the moment is ripe for such plain talk. Trump’s act has proven untamable as some, including myself at one time, had hoped to varying degrees would otherwise be the case. That was always going to be the trick with the Donald, wasn’t it? That he would somehow turn out to be a noble savage like Samson, who despite his many flaws could be used to plunge the demon Dagon face down in the dirt.

Instead of slouching toward Gomorrah, we will have a man more than willing to catapult us there by being anything he needs to be, doing anything he needs to do, and never asking for forgiveness from his Maker for the collateral damage. His words, not mine.No such luck. Trump is indiscriminate. He is callous. He is avaricious. He lies again and again and again. His symbol is a fish, alright, but because it was also the symbol of Dagon before it was captured by Christ.

A man who will call the pope “disgraceful” for calling his faith into question—yet who has done the very same thing concerning both Ted Cruz and Ben Carson—is by now clearly someone who wants nothing more than for you to take a great, big bite out of his own personal tree of knowledge of good and evil.

The Donald wants to rule so he can make up all of the rules. Making America great again simply can’t happen with such a megalomaniac at the helm. How do I know this? Because we’ve already been ruled by one for the past seven years and look how that turned out? Megalomaniacs are out to make themselves great, not others.

Instead of slouching toward Gomorrah, we will have a man more than willing to catapult us there by being anything he needs to be, doing anything he needs to do, and never asking for forgiveness from his Maker for the collateral damage. His words, not mine.

The Great Awakening America desperately needs can scarcely come when a population is entranced by such antics. And it is thus that South Carolina has a stark choice before it. A vote for Trump won’t just be a vote, but a window into the soul of a diminished people who were once the very definition of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

If there is in fact any of that spirit of 1776 left in our culture, South Carolina would do well to hold the line and reject the swampland east of Eden that Trump is selling. Once again, it is as far from American Exceptionalism and the Gospel as anything Hillary or Bernie has to offer.

There’s a reason Trump has given more money than most people make in a year to Hillary. It’s the same reason he thought the MSNBC leftist hosting his town hall the other night was talking about him when she was really describing Bernie.

It’s in these systemically corrupted people that Trump sees his own reflection. Not the Constitution.

And now, after predicting the exact order of Iowa and New Hampshire correctly, let’s pray this time I’m wrong:

South Carolina Predicted Finish:

Turnout: 800,000 (approximately 30% turnout increase)

1.  Trump: 30% — He is fortunate this vote is not on Tuesday or next Saturday the way he’s trending down the stretch.

2.  Cruz: 25% — Appears to have the late momentum and superior ground game.

3.  Marco Rubio: 23% — History says this is a must win for Rubio. The GOP has never nominated someone that didn’t win any of the three early states. Also, if Rubio can’t win SC with virtually the entire state party behind him, where is he going to win? He’s spent as much money as any candidate not named Jeb Bush so far this cycle. If you’re not going to win, then, all you’re doing is helping Trump (and consultants’ commissions).

4.  Jeb Bush: 11%

5.  Carson: 6%< 6.  John Kasich: 5%

Finally, the last two GOP SC primary winners each out-performed their Real Clear Politics polling average by seven points in five and six person fields. So keep that in mind if we see an upset.

First published at Conservative Review


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