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The Bound

Tired of Hollywood? Crowdfund ‘The Bound’


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Hollywood isn’t going to change no matter how much conservatives complain about it. The only solution is for people to start creating alternatives in entertainment and culture. Paul Bois is a conservative and he is working towards doing just that. But he needs your help in crowdfunding The Bound.

I sometimes contribute to the Rebel, a conservative Canadian website. And as I read through it this week I came across a post by John Inglis called, “Why conservatives who complain about Hollywood should crowdfund ‘The Bound.’” Those of you who have been reading me lately will understand why this caught my eye.

The Bound is a proposed short film that Paul Bois is attempting to crowdfund through Indiegogo. (Read exactly what it’s about at the Rebel and Indiegogo.) He still needs to raise over $26,000 in less than two weeks (as of the time of this writing) so if you can contribute to it he would appreciate it. (I am in no way associated with the project and I hadn’t known of Mr. Bois until now.)

I reached out to Mr. Bois and asked him some questions about The Bound—what it’s about and his thoughts on the importance of creating culture.

BarbWire: Do you think conservatives and Christians properly understand the importance of culture and being involved in it?

Paul Bois: Conservatives and Christians actively involved in the movement, yes. That would include people like myself, Matt Barber, Andrew Klavan, Dennis Prager, David Horowitz, my former boss Ben Shapiro, etc. Of course, Andrew Breitbart coined the phrase, “politics is downstream of culture,” and I think the average conservative—the people reading this—have woken up to that reality. People are beginning to understand that our culture needs a serious revolution if we’re going to survive as a nation, but they feel helpless to do anything about it and [they] are getting into the fight with a severe handicap.

Let’s face it, leftists own our culture. Whether it be music, film, or art, leftists run the show, and it’s not “agree to disagree” with them either. You try coming into those industries as an open conservative, especially a Christian-conservative, and they’ll blacklist you for life. Look no further than what happened to actor Matthew Marsden when the Huffington Post found out about his political views.

BW: What do you hope to achieve with The Bound? Are you looking solely for financial success or something more?

PB: I’m sending a message to Christians and conservatives that they can create the culture they want if they put the effort forward, and it only takes the click of a few buttons on Indiegogo. Gone are the days of studio and music executives deciding what gets made, with the advent of crowdfunding YOU get to decide—not them. Think about it, I just need 300-500 backers giving whatever they can to make this possible, and I sincerely ask whomever is reading this to take that initiative, even for as little as $5. If this campaign is successful and I make the quality short film I know The Bound can be, who’s to say we can’t crowdfund our way to a feature film without going to a single Hollywood executive? Someone is going to do it one day, especially as technology makes quality-looking films cheaper to make and the internet becomes a viable form of distribution. Incredible culture-making power stands within our grasp and we need to reach for it while we still can, because the window for our freedom of speech is closing very fast, and we have only a small amount of time to shift it backwards.

I’m looking to create a revolution, and I’m here with an idea I know has the potential to be a great film, both as a short and feature. As stated on the Indiegogo page, the goal of the campaign is simple: create a powerful short film, excite audiences, and then immediately use that momentum to push the feature film.

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