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DC and Marvel Comics Hate You and Don’t Want Your Business


DC and Marvel comic book creators would like you to know they hate you and don’t want your business. I mean, why else would they make the statements they do?

Dave Huber is an Assistant Editor at the College Fix but he also runs the Colossus of Rhodey, a website which comments on comic books, pop culture, and sometimes politics. (Full disclosure: I personally know Dave by way of tweets and emails.)

I’ve regularly visited the Colossus of Rhodey for years because it’s great at keeping me up-to-date on the self-destruction of the comic book industry. And the self-destruction is so far along that artists and writers for DC Comics and Marvel Comics now regularly say things that alienate would-be consumers of their products.

For instance, Dave posted, “Moonbat Comics Creators on Antonin Scalia’s Passing,” on Feb. 15. Here’s a tweet he captured from DC Comics writer Gail Simone.

Dave documents some more nonsense from a variety of artists and writers associated with the two big comic book companies and then he ends his post by noting, “Always remember, those of you on the right side of the political spectrum (or even in the center) – this is what contemporary comicbook folk think of you and your beliefs.”

Right on.

And the comic book industry isn’t going to change. So it must not want your business. But I do.

You’ve likely noticed me promoting my new eBook with my recent columns. I plan to continue doing so. I’ve crafted three good stories in Mortal Gods: Ignition and it’s worth the $4.00 price tag.

I don’t have a “tip jar” on any of my personal sites nor do I have advertisements. And I don’t receive any money for many of the columns and articles I write so I need to earn income in other ways. If I don’t, then the free market will have spoken and I’ll move on to something else.

So go visit Colossus of Rhodey and read all of Dave’s post on what DC and Marvel think of you. And then go purchase Mortal Gods: Ignition, and tell your friends, family, and enemies to purchase it too.

Mortal Gods: Ignition is Paul Hair’s new collection of three short stories about superhumans in a real-world setting. Read an excerpt of one of these stories (“The First Transgender Superhuman”) at Liberty Island. Buy the full eBook at Amazon.


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