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Britain’s Gambling Epidemic


Poor Britain.

Take away God, take away any belief that your nation is in any way worthwhile, take away personal responsibility–and what have you got left?


As reported by The Daily Mail, Britain is being swept by an epidemic of gambling addiction so serious that the National Health Service has become involved, doling out medication that’s supposed to help patients stop gambling.

Authorities estimate that there are more than half a million “problem gamblers” in Britain now, a major increase over what they had ten years ago, leading to “mental health problems, family breakdown, and crime.” The main culprits appear to be these Fixed Odds Betting Terminals–gambling machines, FOBTs for short–that have been set up all over the place.

The lesson, as we have noted so many times before, is a simple one: Kill the culture, and the culture will kill you right back.

Poor Britain.


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