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Antonin Scalia 2

Antonin Scalia, SCOTUS Justice, Dead at Age of 79

Reposted by permission

At this point, all that is know about the passing of Justice Scalia is that he died during a hunting trip in west Texas.

Leftists couldn’t be happier.  I haven’t checked the various Leftist blogs and sites but I’m certain they are replete with obscenities and glee about Scalia’s passing.

Scalia was a non-politically correct individual who was responsible for the Heller decision.  He was also a “textualist,” meaning that he believed what the Constitution said according to the words as written, and left little for interpretation according to fluctuating surrounding societal times.  Since he couldn’t argue in front of the justices himself, he would use the questions he asked of presenting attorneys as his arguments to the rest of the bench.

A court is now left that is essentially split four to four, almost literally.  There will be no “Kennedy as tie-breaker.”

This is going to be a massive issue in DC, as SCOTUS was on the cusp of addressing the first major abortion case in a decade, affirmative action, immigration and voting rights — important buzz issues on both sides.

Leftists are going to demand an immediate appointment.  Republicans are going to want to wait until after the election so that Americans can have more of a say.

Barack Hussein Obama attempting to appoint a successor is therefore going to be a huge issue in DC.  He and the Demorats will attempt to locate and nominate as much of a black transgendered dwarf university professor who teaches “America’s Racist, Sexist and Capitalist Past” as possible.  Obama has already appointed the last two justices, Sonia Sotomayor in 2009 and Elena Kagan in 2010.

The difference today is that the GOP is in charge of the Senate.

How “in charge”?

We are about to find out.


Essentially, nothing.  History proves, according to the National Review, that the ruling of the lower court will stand.  The 9th Circuit holding sway?  That’s not quite encouraging.  The Washington Post indicates that, no matter what, things won’t generally be going well for Conservatives, as lower courts are already stacked with Leftist appointments.

This is where the stiff spine of a GOP-controlled Senate will, frankly, mean everything.

Is McConnell up to it?

First published at Bloviating Zeppelin


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