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To Those Who find Dignity in Losing


For years I have done my best to confront those who have compromised everything up to their own souls to get ahead in politics, and thrown the cherished principles and ideals of American Exceptionalism under the bus in order to win for winning’s sake. With a win accomplishing nothing other than some warm fuzzy that “Team GOP” got on the scoreboard with a bunch of feckless hacks who will govern like Democrats once elected.

However, I may now have to pivot to those unfortunate souls who find dignity in losing for no reason whatsoever.

Who look for the absolute stupidest complaints to make, or display a breathtaking level of intellectual dishonesty in their so-called über-principledness, because for various reasons losing seems to make them feel more self-righteous. Sure, being marginalized by the world should affirm our faith. Except in this case the marginalization is coming from themselves and not a fallen world. For they have pushed themselves way out of any form of a productive mainstream of their own volition, and actively seek to push others to the same.

These folks are often found perpetuating discredited commentators and discredited information outlets with their kook conspiracies that amount to the Right-Wing version of “Ancient Aliens” on the History Channel (I can’t tell you how many times a day these kinds of people pester me). These people expect politicians in their job to display some hyper form of spirituality they themselves don’t display in their jobs.

In their jobs they’d prefer it if their companies actually made money so they could, too. But in politics they actively want to find the candidate who can’t raise any money because somehow that convinces them this candidate is principled, rather than the likelihood he’s not a good candidate who should be abandoned. As any under-performing employee not succeeding in a key part of their job in any other vocation would be (and they’d be in favor of it as well).

These people are really both in the world AND of it.

Allowing their views of the world to determine their place in it, rather than the other way around. They have forsaken discernment in order to affirm their own desires/suspicions. They also make self-government functioning long-term difficult, by producing two shades of the same kind of simpleton incapable of holding the system accountable in a meaningful way. For both produce cults of personality/identity — not patriots.

Therefore, both [the win-at-any-cost and the losing-is-virtuous] people end up aiding and abetting the creeping tyranny that is always waiting in the shadows to rule the day. And is now, at this very instant, the closest it’s ever been to achieving its ultimate goal of toppling this constitutional republic.


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