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Hollywood Glorifies Satan in ‘Lucifer’ and Demonizes God in ‘Preacher’


Hollywood is hoping it can rake in the cash with its Lucifer and Preacher TV series. And as the industry continues praising Satan and bashing God it’s as good a time as any to reconsider where we go for arts and entertainment.

Lucifer is a new series on FOX, which is based on a comic book character and series published by Vertigo, an imprint of DC Comics. IGN provides a synopsis for Lucifer.

The TV version of Lucifer stars Tom Ellis as the title character, who’s abandoned hell for Los Angeles (insert joke here), where he runs a nightclub. Things change for him though when he meets Detective Chloe Dancer (Lauren German), a cop who is somehow immune to his abilities – and with whom he begins solving crimes with.

And while FOX is busy doing PR for Satan, AMC is working on smearing God by adapting another Vertigo/DC Comics comic book series. The Hollywood Reporter summarizes Preacher.

Based on Garth Ennis and Steve Dillon’s 1990s comic series from DC Comics imprint Vertigo, Preacher revolves around Rev. Jesse Custer (Agent Carter’s Dominic Cooper), a badass Texas preacher who, after losing his faith, learns that God has left heaven and forsaken his duties. Jesse becomes the only one who is able to track God down and hold him responsible for his abdication. Tulip O’Hare (breakout Ruth Negga), Jesse’s beer-guzzling vampire ex-girlfriend, accompanies him on his quest for answers.

The Hollywood Reporter also helpfully notes that actor Seth Rogen is one of the executive producers of Preacher. In case you aren’t familiar with who Rogen is, check out some of his tweets.

Hollywood doesn’t share my values and beliefs—and it isn’t going to change. It has been doing stuff like this for decades and it’s only getting worse. Some people still attempt to organize boycotts and appeal to people’s sense of decency, but the days of those tactics working are long gone. In fact, Hollywood loves offending the type of people who appeal to others’ sense of decency.

Still, we can choose what we consume and as the industry continues elevating Satan and denigrating God, we can go elsewhere for arts and entertainment (see the next paragraph for what I’m doing, for example). And in doing so, we can change the culture instead of just reacting to it.

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