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Where’s the Progress


In the beginning of her 2016 presidential campaign, former Senator Hillary Clinton promised relief for the often neglected American middle class. But that has changed. After her dismal performance in the Iowa caucuses, Hillary Clinton decided that she needed to make a radical hard left turn, but it was not enough to prevent her loss in the New Hampshire primary to Bernie Sanders. Clinton has been repeatedly claiming that she is a “progressive.” What does that mean for America?

In order to understand this, one must first recognize that liberal Democrats habitually call things what they are not as though they are. Democrats do not generally savor being called “liberal.” Although it is intellectually-dishonest, they prefer to describe themselves as “progressives,” knowing that some will be fooled. As we have recently seen, “common sense gun control” measures are not sensible at all. “Fairness” is defined as whatever happens to be in the best interest of Washington Democrats. To the left, “equality” means a new form of inequality that favors lesbians and sodomites, and “bipartisan” is the way Democrat politicians describe radical legislation that garners the support of one or two Republican deserters.

Therefore, it should come as no surprise that what a Democrat calls “progress” is actually retrogression. If elected, Mrs. Clinton has promised to “finish the job” of imposing universal health care upon the American people. Obamacare has already proved to be a costly and superb failure which the American people overwhelmingly oppose. The number of uninsured Americans today is virtually the same as it was in 2008, indicating that providing health care was never the objective. Abortion is a traditional progressive issue although they rarely use that word to describe it. Democrats prefer the pleasant-sounding but misleading descriptions, “pro-choice,” “reproductive freedom,” and “right to privacy.”

When Democrats promote initiatives to “make it easier for people to vote,” they really mean weakening identification requirements in order to subject elections to massive voter fraud. “Improving education” is liberal-speak for turning public schools over to the control of their political cronies in Washington and insulating teachers’ unions from any direct accountability, like standardized testing. In return, the public schools return to society, woefully ignorant but fully-indoctrinated liberal activists ready to take up the causes of climate change, social justice and the eradication of moral law.

Bernie Sanders is promoting “free community college educations” for all American students. Of course, it won’t be freeinstead it will cost taxpayers many times what it’s worth because enormous amounts of tax dollars will be wasted on the additional bureaucracy needed to implement the program. The biggest problem with this plan is that the taxpayers do not have the money to pay for it. Seven years of the progressive Obama administration have been exorbitantly expensive to U.S. taxpayers.

Progressive lending practices championed by Rev. Jesse Jackson, community organizer, Barack Obama and others, forced banks to write mortgage loans to people who were incapable of paying them. This led to the collapse of the housing market in 2007 and the economic recession that continues to plague the nation today. To his credit, former President George W. Bush attempted to reform the industry but his efforts were blocked at every turn by progressives in Congress. Shortly afterward, the corruption of Democrat Senators, Evan Bayh and Chris Dodd was exposed in the scandal that followed investigations into misconduct by Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. Neither Bayh nor Dodd has been held accountable to the public for their misdeeds, and both are now Washington lobbyists.

When progressives speak of immigration reform, they actually mean allowing illegal aliens to enter the United States freely to steal American jobs, vote in our elections, evade paying taxes and receive public health and education benefits, with an option of citizenship should they decide to stay. Even the name Democrat is deceptive. We have watched the Obama administration habitually violate U.S. law, refuse to enforce U.S. law, circumvent the Constitution through executive order and obstruct the will of the people through the Supreme Court. There is nothing democratic in their tactics to inflict fanatic policies upon the people.

Emotionalism is an important feature of Democrat politics because liberals know that when people are given over to their emotions, they often make irrational decisions rather than prudent ones, and they are then more easily manipulated. Mature adults are better able to resist this tactic, but sadly, our culture is producing fewer of them each year.

The U.S. economy has not yet recovered from the damage done to it by “progressives” in 2007. The national debt is now $21 trillion, and progressives are promising even more wasteful and reckless spending programs that the country cannot afford. U.S. national security has been weakened by the Iranian nuclear weapons sweepstakes forged by Secretary of State, John Kerry, and Iran will soon develop and deploy nuclear weapons. The Middle East faces new perils by Obama’s betrayal of Israel and his inept handling of the threats posed by ISIS. The Department of Homeland Security has lost track of 9600 Muslim immigrants flagged for terrorist ties and whose visas have expired. Thousands more are on the way to your neighborhood.

Progressive policies are not new. They were first employed in North America over 400 years ago by the Puritans. Socialism was scrapped by the Puritans as unworkable after only one year. Progressive support for the radical homosexual agenda actually equates to a two-thousand-year moral freefall. Children can never be safe in a society in which the sexual sins and depravity of adults are accepted and tolerated.

Where’s the progress? There is none. To the progressive Democrat, progress is simply a return to the failed policies of the past which will fail again and again. Meanwhile, they will enrich themselves by feeding off of the U.S. taxpayer. No one has been more effective at this than the Clintons.

Understanding the language and tactics of the Deceiver is necessary to avoid becoming his or her victim in the future.


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