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One Question All GOP Candidates Must Answer about Iran


All GOP candidates should answer this question about Iran: How would you, as president, respond to Iran and its humiliation of U.S. troops?

Many questions remain unanswered regarding Iranian forces capturing U.S. sailors in January of this year. But questions also remain about what any of the GOP presidential candidates will do about this humiliation if they win in 2016.

They have spoken a little bit about it and condemned what Iran did (and continues doing) but they haven’t provided any policy-level answers to how they would respond to the Iranian actions that, in a more civilized and dignified time, would have been recognized as an act of war.

So it’s time to start asking each GOP candidate how he as president would respond to the Iranians humiliating U.S. troops and continuing to use that humiliation for propaganda purposes.

Any GOP candidate who fails to provide a quality answer will demonstrate a considerable weakness, and suggest that he is not ready to be the leader of the U.S.

So what does a quality answer look like? Here is the answer I’d give—in language that the Democratic Party has proven to be effective in winning mass support.

“The U.S. will no longer follow Geneva Convention agreements when dealing with Iran. Instead, I will implement a new policy that will be fairer to all sides and more humane. This policy will stay in effect until I order otherwise.

“On my orders, the U.S. (through its armed forces or other agencies) will execute a mission that will abort scores of Iranians and take scores more as guests. The guests will be forced to their knees at gunpoint and video recorded, after which the recording will be used for purposes of showing the world how professional U.S. forces are.

“The Iranian guests will then be taken and housed at an undisclosed location and provided with free medical care, free education, free housing, free food, and other free benefits.

“They also will be made to read the Bible and dress accordingly. This will also be video recorded after which the video will again be made public to the world. While all this occurs, I expect Iranian leaders to praise the U.S. for how well it is treating its guests. In fact, I expect Iranian military leaders to exclaim that the U.S. exceeded its expectations in its treatment of its guests.

“On top of this, all deals (nuclear and otherwise) the previous U.S. administration made with Iran will be unilaterally abolished, as such deals have been a stain upon the U.S. and go against our values. They are not who we are.

“Finally, I may repeat such actions with other Iranians at any time. I also reserve the right to go even further in demonstrating how well civility and statesmanship work in the world; how we don’t have to solve our differences with hatred and hostility.”

GOP candidates certainly won’t answer as I have, but my answer serves as a creative template and if any of them come up with something equally as creative and clear, they will have provided a quality response.

Yet none of them will provide a quality, policy-level answer if no one asks each of them how he, as president, will respond to Iran humiliating U.S. troops and using that humiliation for propaganda purposes. So it’s time to start asking.

And there is no need to wait for the next debate to start asking. Let’s do it now. Tweet it at them, ask them it by Facebook, write a letter to them, or ask them by another means. I’ll be sure to do the same.


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