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Trump’s Long Con: What His Conservative Victims Will Pay


Ask most conservatives and they’ll agree that one of the things that characteristically distinguishes socialists from God-fearing constitutional conservatives is their attitude toward truth. Socialists think that the ends justify the means. They think that if something contributes to the outcome they have in view, whatever has to be said or done to produce it is justified. There is no “truth” except what serves their agenda; and likewise no permanent good. God-revering constitutional conservatives think that the right end or goal of human actions must be judged in light of our Creator’s intention for us. What fulfills that intention is right and justified. What interferes with fulfilling it is a violation of right, i.e., wrongdoing and injustice.

The socialist mentality in this respect has many dire consequences, up to and including the large-scale, murderous atrocities that have frequently been associated with right (e.g. Nazism) and left-wing (e.g., communism) socialism.  In respect of “truth” one of those consequences is the tendency to judge people and events according to a variable standard (would that it were only double), which is, in effect, whatever portrays their adversaries in a bad light.

This standard flexibility is logically related to the socialists’ tendency to shift the focus of discussion toward personal slanders, insults and invective whenever considerations of reason, logic and fact militate against the outcome they have in view. Their tendency to resort to ad hominem attacks is therefore not simply the result of meanness or a bully-boy mentality. It’s an effect of their relativist ideology, which frees them from the constraint of any rule except what forcefully achieves their goal. Camouflaged by name, this becomes the much vaunted pragmatism often cited by pretended conservatives who are actually socialists in disguise.

One of the things that signals the final transformation of the GOP into a wing of the tyranny minded elitist faction is the emphatic rise of “variable standard” argumentation, complete with seemingly gratuitous ad hominem insults and slanders, during what these days passes for public discussion and debate within the GOP.  I have noted it for some years in exchanges on Facebook, and those that occur in the exchange of comments appended to articles on various sites I frequent.

Of course, in this election cycle it has come forward boldly in the rhetoric of Mr. Donald Trump. Before he decided to embark on the ‘long con‘ he is presently working against conservatives in the GOP, Mr. Trump was openly committed to the dictatorial socialist approach to public policy.  Of course, like all the “pragmatists” of the left, he has been willing to make exception for anything that serves to increase the basis for his material strength. In his case this means, above all, his financial capital and/or public notoriety.  (Public attention can, after all, give rise to a potent kind of interpersonal power.)

Trump is practically a caricature of the snarling, bare fangs, attack dog approach that is the frequent resort of “pragmatic” socialist ideologues when it comes to discussion and debate.  It plays well in the context of the political culture characteristic of the elitist faction’s political sham, for it is a culture in which “victory” (which is to say the successful imposition of one’s agenda at the moment) is all that matters (just as it is in the socialists’ materialist ideology.)   If victory comes by trampling over the grotesquely annihilated corpses of one’s adversaries (figuratively and literally speaking), all the better.  When outcome is everything, a reputation for successfully abusing vicious strength is just another store of power.

Aside from the tenor of his whole life before he embarked on his present strategy for winning the Presidency, Trump’s wholehearted embrace of the socialist ideology’s characteristic dialectical violence is what makes it impossible for me to accept the incredibly abrupt changes in his lifelong political stances involved in his recently fabricated political persona.  Some people dare to cite St. Paul’s abrupt conversion to Christ as proof that such miracles are possible.

But St. Paul’s conversion moves him from zealous service to God based on an error, to zealous service to God based on an encounter with truth.  As others have more than adequately pointed out, Trump’s life, including the additions he made to his already considerable inherited wealth, came by means of iniquity, (i.e., setting traps and snares for others) which included businesses devoted to glamorizing every kind of vice and/or desperate desire, in order to induce people to risk or destroy both their livelihood and the life of their souls.

Until recently, Donald Trump was a poster child for the glamor of evil.  Now he seems to be extending the iniquitous character of his previous enterprises to politics.  St. Paul abandoned the culture of violent persecution that characterized his life before encountering Christ.  Despite all evidence to the contrary, Trump claims to have a relation with God that needs no such encounter.  Moreover, he brings to his newly minted professions of commitment to moral causes the snarling, culture of verbal annihilation characteristic of the ideology he claims to have abandoned.  Indeed, he seems more extreme in that regard than he has ever been.

His behavior invites people to draw the conclusion that his increased commitment to slurs and slandering is necessary in order to pander to the people he now seeks to con.  Thus he makes mock of them, acting to discredit their spirit even as he seeks to exploit their support.  By doing so he lures them away from the culture of respect for life and God which they profess.  When he betrays them, they will open their eyes to find themselves stranded between faithlessness and zeal, like those of whom Christ says “because you are lukewarm—neither hot nor cold, I will vomit you up.” (Revelation 3:16)

If Trump is elected to the Presidency, he will “revert to type”.  He will rely on the same coalition of Democrats and quisling Republicans that has served Obama so well, and toward the same ends.  The self-professed conservatives he has conned will be caught in a political no-man’s land.  Pride will lead some to double-down on Trump, deploying every species of dialectical viciousness against people who call his betrayal by its right name.  Others ashamed of their bad judgment, will be demoralized into inaction.  How many will repent of it, resolving to return to the standard of truth even in the face of the government persecution they will have armed against themselves and their Christian brethren by their support for Donald Trump?

God knows!  I pray that, in His mercy, He will still help the people who did not have eyes to see or ears to hear before it was too late.  My faith in the perfect sacrifice of Christ gives me the courage to do so, even though my works have failed to toe the mark set by the perfection of God.  For isn’t this the promise of the cross: Evil intended to hurl God’s hope for humanity into oblivion, but He rose again to span the gap between the limit of our inevitable failure and the triumph of our inevitable God.



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