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State Raleighs around Life!


When President Obama pushes on abortion, he shouldn’t be surprised when the country pushes back! In 2010, one year after taking America’s breath away with his radical abortion agenda, states started countering with measures of their own. From coast to coast, waves of pro-life legislation began hitting local statehouse floors with urgency few had seen before. One by one, the pro-life leaders were elected in response to the president’s extremism were enacting dozens of new laws to protect women and the unborn.

During the 2015 legislative session alone, states introduced a whopping 396 pro-life measures, and 57 of them became law. It was another stellar year for the movement, which has seen huge gains over the last half-decade with 288 pro-life laws being enacted.

One of the bright lights from last year’s successes was North Carolina’s new law, which holds doctors accountable on the state’s 20-week abortion ban. And if there’s one thing abortionists need, as David Daleiden’s undercover videos show, it’s accountability.

For the Tar Heels, that means forcing doctors to submit measurements and images of unborn children to the state health department, verifying the age of the aborted babies to prevent any foul play. Secretary Hillary Clinton calls this “outrageous.” We call it overdue.

Unfortunately, abortionists have been known to abuse the exceptions in abortion law and invent things like phony medical emergencies. Thanks to this common sense measure, organizations like Planned Parenthood will think twice before trying that in North Carolina.

“It should also act as a deterrent to the doctors themselves from lying about gestational age,” said Tami Fitzgerald, FRC friend and head of the North Carolina Values Coalition. “The state has made a public policy decision that babies after 20 weeks have a right to live. So this law is about protecting the rights of those unborn babies.”

As part of that pro-life package, North Carolina also extended the waiting period on abortions in the state from one day to three — tying it for the longest in the country.

Protecting life may be “extreme” to President Obama, but thank goodness it’s not to the rest of the country. Congratulations to North Carolina — and to every state that isn’t just setting records, but saving lives!


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