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When Government Replaces God


The faith of our land often seems to lie in a heap of ashes.

Believers have their businesses shut down for not paying the jizya to the Rainbow Jihad. The Little Sisters of the Poor are legally prosecuted for not paying Sandra Fluke’s abortifacient bill. Babies are ripped apart limb-by-limb and sold for profit.

The pagan progressivism rotting at the soul of this declining culture applauds it all. Its dark power grows stronger with each passing day. And Wednesday, as many of us decided to humble ourselves and cry out to God for help in the midst of the San Bernardino massacre, the enemies of liberty and morality may have reached maximum wickedness.

Leftist trolls on Twitter were quickly sent into fits of madness by people like Terry Petit, who was interviewed on television while his daughter remained inside the building where Syed Farook and Tashfeen Malik had rained bullets upon innocent civilians.

Petit choked back tears and asked for help: “Pray for us.” And so we did.

Stop it, the trolls yelled. Your words are useless. Your lives are backwards. You are not smart and hip like those of us on the right side of history, they proclaimed. With lots of name-calling, F-bombs, and other classless displays of their “tolerance” included, of course.

“Typical Christian boo hoo. Believe me I laugh at your religion. It’s stupid,” read one Tweet. Or as reported in the Atlantic, “Stop praying. Look up Einstein’s definition of ‘insanity.’ Start acting on gun violence prevention measures,” and “your ‘prayers’ should be for forgiveness if you do nothing – again.”

Yet, what measures would The Atlantic have us pursue? There’s a 10-day wait to purchase a handgun in California. Assault weapons have been banned since 1989, which is even before Al Gore invented the inter-webs. Practically every densely populated area in the state is a “gun free zone,” and it has perhaps the strictest set of gun laws in the country.

And then this headline from the New York Daily News: “God isn’t fixing this.” I would agree, with that headline, by the way. Certainly the false of god self-worship, hedonism, and statism worshipped by the likes of the New York Daily News cannot fix this. In fact, such a false god is the culprit. And it’s laughing all the way down the Highway to Hell.

Never mind these Leftists’ anger over Christian prayer to comfort the afflicted stands in stark contrast to their equivocations when the prayer of ‘Allahu Akbar’ is followed by bullets and bombs.

Because that death cry is just the product of unemployment or global warming or western hegemony, says the fool. Just as the fool “says in his heart there is no God” and then acts accordingly.

The Leftists may go around yapping such things on Twitter with what seems like smug satisfaction, but when it comes right down to it they are showing you that nothing short of their entire worldview is at stake when a believer lowers himself on bended knee before the Creator and Judge of the Universe.

These same liberals cannot abide rules that can come from anywhere but their own inner child, and they know that a praying culture is an almost certain inoculation against the lies of the times. In short, they know they are no match for God. Ironically, these God haters know they are no match for God more deeply than many lukewarm believers are willing to trust in their own faith these days. And so they must mock and kill the praying impulse at every turn.

Our response back should be clear. We would like to introduce you to the church militant. Yes, indeed, we are crazy for Jesus.

And you ain’t seen nothing yet.

First published at Conservative Review


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