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Cartoon of the Day: Obama’s Enemies List

Cartoon By A.F. Branco

Want to make Obama’s Enemies List?

“Move over Rembrandt, Picasso, Stan Lee, here comes Branco.  Okay, I’m hyperventilating. Tony combines beautiful drawings with biting politically incorrect wit and laugh out loud humor.” – Larry Elder – TV and Radio personality at at Fox News and KRLM AM 870

Lighten things up!  Political discussions and debates don’t always have to be deep and long-winded arguments with points and counter points.  Sometimes we just need to take a step back from it all and have a good laugh.  With so many discouraging things happening in our country lately, that’s the only thing we can do to keep from crying.

Conservative artist Antonio Branco is a master at encapsulating deep and complex issues in a simple comic.  In this first book in a series, he takes on a wide array of issues, from food stamps to global warming to foreign policy, Antonio isn’t afraid to say what he thinks.

Presented in a coffee table book style, this is the perfect conversation starter with friends and family that pick it up and start glancing through it’s pages.  Who knows, that liberal aunt of yours just might come over to the right side because of this book!

80 pages, hardcover.  Measures 10″ x 8″.

ORDER HERE – also autographed editions available. 



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