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Booing Muslims

Syrian Refugees Infiltrated By ISIS Terrorists

Faith and Freedom with Liberty Counsel’s Mat Staver and BarbWire’s Matt Barber… An 11-minute weekday radio program discussing hot topics in the area of religious liberty, the sanctity of human life and the family.

The Syrian refugee problem has become a real threat, not only to Europe, but certainly also to the United States of America. Because these refugees are being infiltrated by ISIS terrorists, planning to do harm in Europe, as we already saw in Paris, and to the United States of America.

Mat Staver: Matt, with respect to these Syrian refugees, certainly one of the things that we have is a real problem with the fact that they are refugees and they’re having to flee their country because of the ISIS barbarism that’s taking place there by Islamic jihadists. Liberty Counsel has Liberty Relief International...our international, humanitarian outreach, in which we are helping, particularly our persecuted Christian brothers and sisters in the Middle East who literally are losing everything because of their faith in Jesus Christ. We’re helping them in those countries to have food, water, and some kind of shelter as well, and protection.

Now, we also have here this issue of the refugee crisis. I think that the refugee crisis where they are fleeing, we ought to provide places of refuge in their countries — whether it’s Syria or Iraq — safe zones there, rather than bring all of these people into Europe or into the United States of America, because we don’t know who they are, number one. Number two, a very small number of Christians are being allowed across the borders. Number three, most of them are Muslim. Number four, most of them are Muslim men. And five, and this is the most problematic, some of these are Muslim terrorists, Islamic jihadists intending to do harm as clearly evidenced by the Paris terror attacks.

Matt Barber: Well, and as further evidence, Mat, I’ve asked the question lately, “What do Bigfoot, the Lochness Monster, and the mythical moderate Muslim have in common?” We can’t get a confirmed sighting of any of them. Where have the voices of the moderate Muslims been, gathering together to repudiate this horrific Islamic terror attack in Paris? 

You haven’t seen it but the aesthetic that we have seen was encapsulated in a recent soccer game between Greece and Turkey where the Muslim members of the audience and supporters of the soccer team in Turkey, when they called for a moment of silence for victims of the Paris attack, they started hissing and booing en masse…


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