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Trump: I Would Close Mosques, Deport Syrians, Allow Carry Laws… and by the Way, ‘Obama Is a Dufus’


The contrast between anti-American pro-islamofascist Obama, Hillary, Sanders, the establishment media and the leading contender for the GOP Donald J. Trump couldn’t be starker.

Here is just a sampling of the kind of leadership Trump is proposing.

Concerning the Syrian Refugee “Crisis”

Donald Trump is now against allowing Syrian refugees into the U.S. more than ever (and he was against it quite adamantly already) warning it could be a way for terrorists to sneak into the country. “Deport Syrians!” he says.

“We have no idea who these people are, we are the worst when it comes to paperwork,” Trump said Monday on CNBC. “This could be one of the great Trojan horses.”

Concerning Islamic Centers and Mosques

Trump said it’s time to start surveillance and said the U.S. should shut some down if they have radical leaders.

“Well you’re going to have to watch and study the mosques, because a lot of talk is going on at the mosques,” Trump said. “I would hate it to do it but it’s something that you’re going to have to strongly consider because some of the ideas and some of the hatred, the absolute hatred, is coming from these areas,” Mr. Trump said. Remember politicians are incompetent boobs.

Concerning gun laws and the attacks in Paris

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