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Sex and the Cities…


Houston may be the fourth largest city in America, but it’s number one in media buzz heading into next Tuesday’s election. With everyone from celebrities to athletes weighing in on Proposition 1, the bathroom ordinance might be the most-watched issue of 2015.

Yesterday, even Hillary Clinton weighed in on the side of the radical measure, which punishes people who refuse to celebrate transgenderism and homosexuality with massive fines. “No one should face discrimination for who they are,” she insisted. No one, apparently, except Christians, who are the target of this nationwide march to silence religious liberty in America.

Even Oscar-winner Sally Field is chiming in to sway locals in Proposition 1’s favor. “Everyone in this country is watching this,” she said at a rally. “This is incredibly important. Eyes are on Houston. This is Texas.” She’s right. It is Texas — where vibrant faith and individual freedom are cherished parts of everyday life. Stripping parents, local citizens, and businesses of their First Amendment rights isn’t Texan — and more importantly, it isn’t American. Unfortunately, that hasn’t stopped liberals from injecting a toxic agenda into school rooms, board rooms, and bathrooms across America.

As FRC’s Peter Sprigg explains, this movement isn’t anything new. Two decades ago, the homosexual movement began its quiet work through the public schools. Now, the transgender movement is following the same path. The issue exploded like a bombshell last May in Virginia’s Fairfax County Public Schools, America’s 10th largest school district. That was when parents and taxpayers first learned of plans to add “gender identity” to the school system’s “non-discrimination” policy — meaning that “transgender” students of any age would be able to choose whether to use the boys’ or girls’ restrooms and locker rooms and which sex’s sports teams to play on.

Hundreds of stunned parents turned out at a school board meeting to protest, but their complaints fell mostly on deaf ears, as the Board voted 10-1 to approve the radical new policy. Then, within days, they also adopted a new curriculum to teach “gender fluidity” lessons in the classroom (the timing was a coincidence, the Board claimed). Members passed the buck for the unpopular policies to the Department of Education, which has threatened school districts with a loss of federal funds ($42 million annually to Fairfax schools) unless they treat the statutory prohibition on sex discrimination to include “gender identity.”

Soon, though, board members will answer to a higher authority — voters. A number of candidates opposed to the new transgender policies are challenging incumbents in the Fairfax County School Board elections next week. It’s crucial for pro-family voters to turn out and send a message that they do not want to be governed by sexual radicals and federal bureaucrats.

This week, FRC Senior Vice President Rob Schwarzwalder joined FCPS Board Member Elizabeth Schultz at a forum discussing the biblical view of parents and education (Schwarzwalder) and the stakes involved in the upcoming election (Schultz). Watch their presentations here.


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