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Announcing, ‘The God Haters’ – BarbWire Books

BarbWire Books is pleased to announce the release of The God Haters by author Don Boys, Ph.D.

About the Book:

Angry Atheists, shallow scholars, silly scientists, pagan preachers, and embattled evolutionists beware, Dr. Boys has written an apologetic that will explode atheist orthodoxy. The God Haters is a hard hitting, penetrating analysis of the fundamental flaws with the new atheist. Dr. Boys systematically decimates their claims against the God of the Bible.

The author’s book documents outrageous statements, mistakes and the many lies atheists use to promote their brand of “faith” against a sovereign God. Boys charges that his opponents use straw man arguments to whitewash all Christianity with the “fruits, flakes, and nuts” in some mainline churches. By comparison, “it would be like painting all atheists as rapist, murderers, and child abusers, because some atheists actually do come home rip roaring drunk off a bottle of cheap rum, kicking their dog, bullying their wife (or gay husband for most) beat the kids and claim they do this in the name of no-god,” says Boys. “When that doesn’t characterize the group as a whole. And they know it. But still they use cheap straw man arguments against Christians. It shows how desperate, disingenuous, and dishonest many atheists are.”

Dr. Boys answers hundreds of questions atheists use against Christians, including:

  1. Is there proof outside the Bible that Christ really lived on the earth?
  2. Why is there evil if God is all loving, and all powerful?
  3. Did Moses make mistakes in Genesis about the creation of man?
  4. Should Christians stone disobedient children as New Atheists claim the Bible teaches?
  5. What about God’s command to Joshua to kill women and children, isn’t that unjust?
  6. Does the Bible endorse slavery, multiple wives, and concubines?
  7. Did a scribe add I John 5:7 to add credibility to the doctrine of the Trinity?
  8. Why is almost everyone wrong about Galileo?
  9. Was John wrong to add the incident of the woman taken in adultery?
  10. Do the last 12 verses in Mark really belong in the Bible?
  11. Did Richard Dawkins lie about an interview dealing with evolution?
  12. Were all of the Bible doctrines taken from ancient Egypt?

And many, many other pressing questions atheist use to silence Christian theism.

About the Author

Don Boys, Ph.D, is a former member of the Indiana House of Representatives, author of 15 books, frequent guest on television and radio talk shows, and wrote columns for USA Today for 8 years. He is author of 15 books including The God Haters, just published by BarbWire Books. He and his wife Ellen do Christian Couples’ Conferences and Christian Apologetics Conferences and live in northwest Georgia.

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BarbWire Books is committed to publishing hard-hitting, culturally relevant e-Book and books from its family of BarbWire contributors and columnists and other top-notch Christian thinkers and leaders.

“BarbWire has grown exponentially since its inception and continues to develop a larger audience. In recognition of this growth, BarbWire is pleased to publish some of our columnists, who offer our brand of unique prophetic zeal, righteous passion and penetrating cultural analysis,” said, CFO Tristan Emmanuel.

Look for The God Haters on or on The God Haters retails for $21.95 e-Book retails for $9.95

To reach Dr. Don Boys for interview:

For wholesale book orders contact:


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