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Shep hater

Who is the Real ‘Hater’?

Faith and Freedom with Liberty Counsel’s Mat Staver and BarbWire’s Matt Barber… An 11-minute weekday radio program discussing hot topics in the area of religious liberty, the sanctity of human life and the family.

I’m astounded to read and see information with regards to Kim Davis. That she is a hater. That Liberty Counsel is a hater, or a hate group. Even Shepard Smith on Fox News, during the day that she was released from jail, used these words, “Haters are going to hate.” That is a serious allegation. Let’s peel back some of the layers of the onion and talk about what’s really going on in this case of Kim Davis in this debate around the country.

Mat Staver: Matt, you know when you talk to Kim Davis, she said in the very beginning to me, and she said this publicly in a written statement, that for her this issue has never been about gays and lesbians, never been about the issue of homosexuality. Never been about whether she hates someone. She hates no one.

It’s been about her religious freedom. It’s been about obeying God and being obedient to Him. That’s what it is about. She doesn’t hate anyone. She does not have a hateful bone in her body. And how could she?

Four and one half years ago she experienced absolute forgiveness from her Lord Jesus Christ. Who died for her. Who despite her wrecked previous life, the mistakes that she had made in her life, the failed marriages that she had. Despite all of that, He reached down and His love transformed her life. And you can not then look out at the world when you have been transformed by the power of Jesus Christ, when you have been overwhelmed by His love. It is not possible to then turn around and hate.

Someone who has really come into relationship with Jesus Christ, by virtue of that cannot hate other individuals who are made in His image. No matter what they do. No matter how evil they are. Because they [the saved individual] know that once they were lost and now they’re found…

Matt Barber: I often say that truth is hate to those who hate truth. The fact of the matter is, Mat, what do you do if somebody is rushing headlong toward the cliff’s edge, with a blindfold on, is it loving to say “Go ahead, keep running! Keep running! You’re doing great! I support you as you’re running toward the cliff’s edge.” 

Or do you say stop? Do you yell stop at the top of your lungs? Which is an act of hate? Allowing someone to continue, to plummet to their death, or yelling to someone to stop and even rushing them and tackling them to stop them if you must? 


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