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Dana Perino to GOP Candidates: Pander to the Press, the Founding Father’s Wanted It that Way


It’s no secret that Fox News commentator Dana Perino is no friend of Donald Trump. Perino has been critical of Mr. Trump, verging on hysteria from the very start of his campaign.

Admittedly, Mr. Trump isn’t your typical candidate and there are legitimate concerns about him as a conservative. However, one thing Mr. Trump does not lack is transparency. In fact, one could argue that Mr. Trump is transparent to a fault.

The same cannot be said about Ms. Perino. Anyone with a modicum of awareness, understands that Perino is connected to the Bush family and is by association a Bush supporter.

Now frankly, we really don’t care where her political loyalties lie. It is worth mentioning, however, that Perino has never once openly mentioned her commitments, even if simply to be transparent in an effort to guard against the charge of advocacy journalism. One would expect this would be very important for someone who consistently criticizes Donald Trump at a network that claims to be “fair and balanced.”

What brings this to a head, is Perino’s recent appearance on the Kennedy Show on Fox News. Perino was offering pearls of wisdom to the GOP candidates and lectured the candidates on a very important principle:

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