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Obama/Biden Junta


Breaking law, refusing to enforce law, aiding our enemies…

The only people who oppose voter ID laws are those interested in rigging elections through voter fraud. The massive illegal immigration problem, exacerbated by Obama/Biden for years, has resulted in millions of undocumented people coming here to vote for the junta.

If we do not intervene, Obama/Biden will establish an oligarchy to rule our lives. This alone is sufficient cause to remove Obama/Biden from power.

But there are many other reasons to demand their removal, and the removal of all those allied with them, including Hillary Clinton and Elizabeth Warren:

Obama/Biden ignore our immigration laws, they have refused to secure the border, and they have encouraged illegal immigration wherever and whenever possible. These are criminal acts, violations of their oaths, and treasonable offenses.

But there is more, much more, involving clear evidence and a consistent pattern of administration support for Jihad:

There is no question that if Obama says it, Biden believes it.

A Biden presidency will be an Obama third term.

Biden is nothing more than Obama’s sock puppet. Any rational person who cares about the future of this country, indeed the future of the world, sees that an Obama third term will be devastating, perhaps destroying American liberty forever.

For if the Obama/Biden Junta becomes reality, the invasions of illegal immigration, Jihad, and global collectivism will overwhelm our Constitution, our liberty, and our prosperity.

Is there anyone with a spine left in government willing to file charges against Barack Obama and Joe Biden? Anyone? Or will citizens have to march on D.C. and take our government back?


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