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Watch VIDEO: Muslim ‘Refugees’ Flooding Europe Shouting ‘Allahu Akbar’




Scroll down for the video. Muslim immigrants shouting “Allahu Akbar” in Hungary.

Germany confirmed Tuesday it has stopped returning Syrian asylum-seekers to their first port of entry in the EU.  The Independent reports, “Germany opens its gates: Berlin says all Syrian asylum-seekers are welcome to remain, as Britain is urged to make a ‘similar statement’.”


There are thousands of these hostile invaders. Europe is on the verge of descending into utter chaos. Reuters reported that “thousands of migrants stormed across Macedonia’s border on Saturday, overwhelming security forces who threw stun grenades and lashed out with batons before apparently abandoning a bid to stem their flow through the Balkans to western Europe.”


In Germany, where traffickers are now dropping off illegal immigrants on Autobahns, authorities have reacted

— not by trying to intercept or discourage traffickers, but by putting up new road signs alerting drivers of   potential pedestrians on the highway.


–Last month alone, more migrants landed on the shores of Greece than in the whole of 2014.

–If the mainstream media keep reminding everyone how the rioting immigrant youths in France or Britain are driven by economic inequality now, imagine the scale of unrest once European welfare states cannot finance “half the planet” anymore and are forced to cut welfare benefits.

— No one, however, especially the media, blames migrants for their own actions.

— This is the real tragedy of the unfolding refugee crisis in Europe: apart from those fleeing combat zones, most migrants swarming European borders and coastlines do not appear to be in any real or dire need. (more here)



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