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Hungary Overwhelmed by Flood of Mideast Refugees

Dozens of migrants crossed underneath a border fence in Hungary Wednesday. Most are from the Middle East and fleeing the conflict in Syria.

Odei is a refugee from Syria who spoke to reporters but did not give a last name.

“Very, very difficult,” Odei said. “We raised the fence and crossed it now. We were here from yesterday. We are now without, we are very hungry, there’s no food, there’s no medicine for children, there’s nothing. We are so tired, frankly.”

Odei went on to say, “We want to go to Germany or to the United Kingdom. We don’t want to put a stamp (stop) here, but the police is everywhere. We can’t do anything; we’ll escape now.”

Migration to Hungary has reached a new high this month. Police data suggests more than 2,000 people arrive daily.

The increase in migration has prompted Hungary’s government to build a 13-foot fence on the Serbian border to stop them.


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