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MSM Ignores Planned Parenthood Videos, Accepts Awards

The MSM (mainstream network media) ignored the latest video released on Planned Parenthood’s practice of harvesting the body parts of aborted babies.

The latest one detailing how one technician told another worker, “Want to see something cool?” referring to a baby’s heart beating while harvesting its brain.

Ex-StemExpress employee Holly O’Donnell saying a Planned Parenthood worker called to her: “‘Hey Holly come over here I want to see something kinda cool, this is kinda neat.’

“So, I’m over here. And, the moment I see it I’m just flabbergasted,” O’Donnell said. “This is the most gestated fetus and the closest thing to a baby I’ve seen. And, she’s, ‘Okay, I want to show you something.’ And she has one of her instruments and she just taps the heart and it starts beating. And, I’m sitting here and I’m looking at this fetus and its heart is beating and I don’t know what to think.”

It’s a disturbing video, yet not reported on major national news outlets…

Brent Bozell, President of Media Research Center, discussed with CBN News the lack of coverage of these videos and how Planned Parenthood actually awarded 16 news agencies the “Maggie Award” for media excellence. Click play to watch.

Report via CBN News


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